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  1. Syban


    Anyone playing or going to play when there is a stand alone?
  2. Hrrrm, haven't thought about that one... but I burnt our one free pass to a new name so I'll see if I can ticket our way into that one.
  3. As assumed the ticket option didn't work. Basically they told me the guild name was already taken... yea... it was already taken EA, by us.
  4. Yea that's the bummer I was thinking about. Why I'm trying to get Vigilance back, it's easier on us. I've submited tickets all around for this, but I'm sure the power that be are not in the mood to hear my pleas.
  5. And I pootched the name change as well, FYI. Thought we could snag Vigil just in case and then hope to change it to Vigilance if it was free or we could figure it out... Unfortunatly I screwed that up with the "one free change" option. I submitted a ticket, but I don't think that's going to help anything at all. I apologize for that.
  6. With the recent hapdazard merger on SWTOR we've lost the Vigilance name. Any thoughts on a new guild name?
  7. In addition I'm reading some information that the end of this event will kick off some sort of "Gree Invasion". Not sure what that means.
  8. New event has started here's a website with some of the information, think Galactic scavenging hunt. http://dulfy.net/201...-race-coverage/ News video about it.
  9. This is a good video to watch for defeating the fabricator droid in Karagga's palace... WATCH IT, OWN IT AND BE IT!
  10. I'd still feel a bit more comfortable if we geared up some of our other members first. But with the rough "core" group we have yea I think we'll do great in HM Ops.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm eyeballing Denova at the moment seeing if it's something we can start to run. In the meantime for those who are interested I'd advise taking a look at this guide. http://forcebending.com/operation-guide-explosive-conflict-denova/ It mostly seems straight forward barring the "puzzle'ish" content at the end. If youhave any questions post here and seek me out in game.
  12. Well being we le'donkey punched that boss I think we got it down. Excited that in that entire run we only wiped twice and one was due to the "jerkface" GM running to far ahead.
  13. I'm tired of being a doomsayer but I have to say at the moment this article (http://www.swtor-life.com/editorial/ea-q1-fy13-earnings-call-analysis/7054/) sums up many of my feelings about what's going on right now.
  14. Well I have a feeling this was something EA was pushing to harvest as much profit as they can from the current "player" base and the pushback with limited access was Biowares response. They came to a compromise and this is what we're left with. The thing is though, being this is EA in charge here I'm curious how long it'll take till it's "pay to win".
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