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  1. I keep wanting to do a review for you guys, but i keep finding myself drawn back into the the game. I keep going back and forth between two characters as well. I Sith, and of coarse a Jedi. My god it really is great to play something new and fresh. Although I am a little bias because of the Star Wars name. I mean in short will it be the great Wow killer? Out of the gate, most likely not, however does it have the potential in the long term it sure does. The pro's it's totaly new and fresh. The multipule choice story really makes for something new in a MMO. It has really good animation as far as the in game combat goes . Although I have yet to see the space combat. I love how each Character class has there own and seprate story lines, even from the Sith and Jedi. If they dont baby it up as they seem to do more and more with Wow, it could be something special. Cons, well a couple of things I personaly noticed. The new Quest system, although the total voice overs from the quest givers is a cool and unique idea the 10-15 second load time for every one is a bit of a pain, especialy when you have a group of quests to pick up or deliver. I alson dont care so much for the way you explore. Its kind of like you are stuck going to one certain area. You really cant just go all over. I dont know though we'll see what launch brings. All I know is dual wielding lightsabers is just the cats ass!!! Mortok if you choose the path of using just one you will be a tank sir, sorry Teph
  2. I got the extened one been playing the jedi/sith for a week now.... My god is it awsome!
  3. So who else got a beta invite?
  4. Tepheris


    Can we all see ourselfs as some of these people? Jestin
  5. Yeah Ugz your the "drunk" uncle no one really wants there LOL Jestin
  6. You know mw and E would be down either as DPS or healy bud Paul
  7. Wow that brought a tear to my eye...... Just not sure if it's one of sorrow or happiness? Just kidding!!! Good luck to you kid. You'll be missed Fo sho! Jestin The hatefull raid will live on....
  8. Hey Crushers my "alt" run for ICC 10 man is looking for a permanent DPS spot maybe 2! If your interested please leave me a not here or in game mail plsease! We run on Sundays 3-6! Tepheris
  9. Kingslayer nuff said! Jestin
  10. yet you'l make us run on a patch day when the server comes up 15 minutes before the raid???
  11. E and I are both down on whatever role you need clan brother..... Starcaller Jestin.....
  12. I'm over the hit cap in preperation for the T-10 pieces...... and for the last time I hate depending on raid buff for the hit. That is all
  13. Zu, bud in no way am I blaming you, or saying you should police us. You do more then enough as raid leader and you've got us through some time ######. You've done your part brother. It just goes back to the old addage, EVERYONE else must do theres for us to succede..... Jestin
  14. You know Zu, You are the raid leader, and how ever you see fit to set the DKP. Up to you. I will conform to how you see fit to lead the raid. That being said, when you checked our toons a few months back how come the issue with Zenita using a BLUE trinket was not called out? Further more, why was he allowed to carry it for 2 1/2 tier levels?? Christ the badge one for himw would have been better off no?? Further more, you wait to bid on a upgrade trophy before the trinket? You Zenita, my friend are a prime example of a DKP horder, and one of the reasons this raid has not succeded further! You know there was disscussion about what you pulled because Zu took considerable time to give it to you! Don't give me any grief about how you can't get more badges, Anyone whos a decent player has oppurtunitys to get into 10 mans. I'm sorry Zu, I'm pretty hot about this. I bit my tounge during the raid, but I need to say this. If this bull###### EVER happens again, I seriously am done with this raid. Nothing personal. Hell you all gave me grief about a wrong enchat on my boots, and 1 stam gem, but you'll let someone walk around for 2 1/2 tiers of content, with a blue trinkent? I'm sorry Zenita, but you are #1 on my ###### list... That is all Jestin
  15. I totaly agree with the above mentioned statements.... I am all for back to 3 nights a week. My only issue with with this raid and Kailands, could we please observe the 3 hour time on raiding. I'm sorry but pulling trash and a boss at 10:58 is just not that needed. Some of us do have work early. (4:30 am for myself) I signed up for the 3 hour raid not the 3:15 or 3:30 minute raid. I understand that as a whole when a night is going good lets push a little past the time, but not 90% of the time lately. Just my two cents. Jestin
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