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  1. Ah, okay. I just wanted to be sure they weren't a bunch of TS Ninjas. That and I am nosey as hell, so mysteries bother me. Thanks for the heads-up.
  2. I don't have any channel rights there. Might be helpful. Do you happen to know why there were a bunch of people from a guild called "Phaze" from Guild Wars 2 on our Teamspeak server tonight? I didn't recognize a single person there and it was a bit disconcerting since I didn't see anything here about it.
  3. Actually.... The "current" guild is Vigil. The 'vigilance' guild that Morgh is talking about is actually a clone of the one from the old server. Long story short, Bioware ######ed us on the original transfer, then 'fixed' it later after all of the active people at the time recreated the guild on the new server. I currently have leadership in Vigil, so feel free to send Taira or Isendra a mail and I'll get anyone all hooked up.
  4. With the expansion pack going live on Sunday, I thought that now would be a good time to post a quick note on the state of our guild. Having taken several months off the game before returning, I can definitely say that there have been many changes made to it, most of which are positive. Is this enough to get most of our old guild members interested again? Probably not, but I thought it was worth noting. The guild name is still "Vigil" on the new server (The Ebon Hawk) I don't see much of a reason to change it at this point. My alt, Taira, was promoted to leader at some point (surprise!), and I have mostly just been keeping the doors open. Anyone who was in Vigilance or any of The Honor Empire guilds are welcome to return to it on our new server. Just send an in-game mail to Taira with who you are and I'll get you set up. Hope to see some of you again. If not, safe travels in whatever you do. -Kadi
  5. I'll be able to help with that. I'll get my characters transferred over tonight. Let me know when you're over there and I"ll make sure I'm on to sign the new charter. We should probably put a news post up about it as well on our website so people know what's going on and where to find us.
  6. You CAN transfer cross server, but if you want to move your shared guild items over, the guild LEADER has to disband the old guild, transfer, reform the guild on the new server, then put in a ticket. Apparently, no one else can do this. We could just form on the new server and leave the old one active on Shien as well, I suppose. Either way, we'll need a charter and signatures on the new server.
  7. Agreed, but Syban is the only one who can move the guild since he's currently the leader, unless he passes leadership off to someone else who hasn't transferred yet.
  8. That doesn't really answer the question, though. Do we disband now, or do we try to get someone willing to take it over and move the guild to the other server? If we're moving, it probably should be done soon.
  9. Once the transfers opened up, the server went from 'bleeding profusely' to 'mostly dead'. I think that fleet had 2 people in it... one of them being me. If there was interest, we might want to put something on the new server for those who are interested... just in case in the unlikely event that people want to come back, there's a place for them. But, on the other hand, it may be a good time to call it quits as well. If we do that, we probably should put a news post up on our website to that effect, then officially disband the guild. In that case, maybe we could just randomly send the stuff from our cargo hold out to the 'mains' of the guild members still on the server until it's empty. At least that way, some of it might get used someday. Let me know what you decide. I will probably move my last two characters one way or the other soon.
  10. Were you going to bother to move the guild over as well? And if not, mind if I rob the hell out of the bank before I move my last two characters over? I got another 30 days left since I bought a 2 month card just before the freebie was given out...
  11. Now you have played right into Syban's hands! It's all part of an evil plot. I approve of evil plots.
  12. Just a reminder that I won't be available on Thursday. Good luck!
  13. I like those posters! I'm in a slightly different situation, but my account is definitely active until January 2013. I should log in once in awhile to say hello and see what's up, but I echo the sentiment here that there's nothing really 'new' to see and do. It felt like after the 'newbie' quests were finished for Cata, Blizzard pretty much gave up on the game. They probably have their 'best and brightest' working on their new projects (like Diablo and the new secret MMO), and are keeping WoW on life support until they are ready. I do look forward to the new expansion, though, to see what it might bring... though I REFUSE to play a Panda!
  14. Despite the absence of Uncle Reavus (who was busy getting drunk off cough syrup), Vigilance went to visit our old friend Soa under the guidance of experienced cat-herder Karslak. Soa remembered us from our last visit, got scared, and offered us a ride if we would just go away. Instead, we kicked his butt AND took his car, the Tirsa Elite! Next week, Karagga's going down. Watch out, hutt-boy!
  15. Looks like you guys had a fun time. I'll definitely be making it to the next one!
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