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  1. http://mare-jade.mybrute.com www.evony.com http://www.travian.us/?uc=us8_46642
  2. he has told me to tell you all that he say hi and that he is plying Eve, WOW and guildwars and that he love it there. he dose not think that he will ever be back to UO but he want me to place a link on to you so you all can see the new little girl he has her name is Helen Katheriine and of the little boy that he is adopting but here is the link http://picasaweb.google.com/timjohnsonjr
  3. i am class as a traitor
  4. and if we do go ahead with it i would it to be head at the Court of Truth in Yew i have a rune to it if you dont know were it is
  5. was wondering if you guys still want to rp mare jade as a trader if so i am still up for it and what not
  6. 1= moulin rouge = lady marmalade 2= moulin rouge = one day I'll fly away
  7. Looking for mine house deeds one that i have are Two store Stone and plaster house small Brick house thatched-roof small cottages and the two store log cabin these are the one i do not need i am look for all the other one if you have them and would like to sell them pm me or pigen me
  8. i am not guilty of anything the house was a gift and was NEVER Told about any of the rules other then you didnt want to us it as a seam house anymore. you all dont own the sawp and if you do i want to see the land deed to it. if i am guilty of anything it is leaving the guild to find a new family we will give the dam house back if and only if you find a nother 18 by 18 for bear to us
  9. Dear emperor and Epress" After carefully considering the options forced upon us by you we have decided either at 18x18 trammel trade of equal property or 200 million in gold If neither of these options are considered we will assume that you do not mind our peaceful quiet residence and we shall go on with our everyday lifestyles Thankyou "strength & Honor" Masters Of Arcane Mare Jade Sky ''please come to your decision within the week''
  10. guys it okay. i know that what i did was hard but it was something i had to do. it will be okay. i will still be around on the boards and in game and icq
  11. i would like to say farewell to all pgoh member but it is time for me to say good bye to all of you. no i am not leaving the game just trying to find my place in the roleplaying world i do wish you all the best on everything that going on
  12. using my red is not bad and i never said that it was going to be a cheap kill it going to be like training to in fighting too
  13. Virtues time. i feel that will all this rp fight we have been doing. we need to have the virtues done. i know that some of you will say no was this is dull but it is need and if i can get them done you all can get them done. i have the red we can all use to gain in justest and with the compassion i have two spot the dear from the elf quest for the nun mage and then i have a spot for the mage to take a person as for the honor there will be a night were we as a group will go to ice and train it ***but The most in portent thing is ALL GOLD PICK UP WILL BE ADD TO THE GUILD FUND*** I would like to started this week on one or all the virtues this but i all so need you all to post on witch one you have started on finish please thank you
  14. look like you all had fun. not really that good at fighting with just using regs i guess i need to train with using them but i know that i dont play on the weekend other then when i ask for those days off
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