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  1. Thought i will post this here since maube was there for the rage take down for our 2nd time. I made it download only and hope yall enjoy, o by the way, i got better at movies Rage Winterchill, Download Here
  2. chemmy

    what's up

    nice, yeah i picked up a rpg game not to long ago, been playin that hellgate: london single player offline, still tring to find anothere one to play, have not came across anything i like.
  3. nice job. I heard about that. I was in there the same time ya'll were and i was getting updates on your first night in there. I was like "damn" they are doing good on there first night.
  4. chemmy

    what's up

    I hear that, I don't play as much like i use to, i get on, do my dailies, and i just hang around org and watch tv to make sure i don't auto-dc, until a raid comes up. I got my first t5 wen night on my pally from the blind fellow in ssc. I only have 1 peice on chemmy as well witch is my shoulders still, man i raid alot these days.
  5. chemmy

    what's up

    yeah, i'm still around, i join blackfang brotherhood. I'm liking holy myself but sometimes it's a pain being the only pally in a 25 man, blessing, i need this, i need that. When i'n on and you need a gem cut and can't find a cutter, hit me up, i can cut almost every rare gem and meta gem, still missing like 7 or 8 designs but i have alot of the main ones.
  6. chemmy

    what's up

    i was ret. speb leveling, at 70 i went prot., stayed that way for some time, then holy. I''m liking the holy spec.
  7. chemmy

    what's up

    stoping by to say what's up everyone, been a long time, seen and talk to a few of yall in-game, so how is everyone? some of you may know and some of you don't, my main is phantomfreak now, BE pally.
  8. Sorry for not posting these days. Have not forgot about everyone and yeah, im still alive. I have been tring to get keyed for these instance, not going to good and working on my paladin. If you ever need a lock for a instance or what every feel free to hit me up, i'm always on and if im not on chemmy then im on my pally, phantomfreak. I want to wish everyone good luck in ya'lls run and leveling if you are leveling a blood elf. I'm always around, so feel free to hit me up if you need a lock around. later
  9. If you ever need a warlock, hit me up. I'm not keyed yet but working on it, still need the 3rd peice out of arcatraz.
  10. Thank you everyone, ya'll just made it a good one.
  11. chemmy


    I just got home from picking up my copy of BC CE, I was the only one that got lucky and got the CE ver. at my game stop, so many people wanted it, wish i would never show up and picked up it, it was crazy. I am getting the patch's now but wont have time to play.I have to take off again here soon.
  12. Yes, it has been fun doing run's with you tanking. Looking forward to furture runs with you as well.
  13. I was in ZG lastnight, came in when hubba's group was on tiger. The tiger boss was bugged big time for us lastnight, after all 3 went down at the same time, nothing happen, the boss just ran around all over the place in ZG and the other 2 guy's laid there on the ground. The 2nd try, it happen again so we gave up right then and called it. I recorded the 2nd try on him with the bug as well.
  14. i did not have to delete or move anythung and it's working fine for me, all of my addons are working fine now as well.
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