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  1. Happy BirthDay Piper !!
  2. Mareak


    Greetings Lady Sindee !!! Glad to see your being active again!!!
  3. Mareak

    October 31st

    Happy Halloween Everyone !!
  4. Me too *looks at the paladins and snickers* Bubble hearthers! Ah-hem. Wheres your little graduation link (thingy) that PROVES your a : "what-ever-it-is" none Paladin type...? Hmmm? I think your just making it up!!! Your ALL paladins at heart, and the test results proved it when you took it!! You do not have to be afraid to show how rightuos you actually are. Dont be afraid! Let the light SHINE forth! ((was that a bit much or over the top? sry. Sometimes I get carried away.(in a bubble)))
  5. And we are not sure which patch the travelers quiz is using a reference for it's questions...perhaps different patches? hmmm. quirky, either way. /agreed Sooo....your a paladin at heart! Glad to hear it !! Welcome aboard!! *grinin*
  6. I am Paladin - Play Free Online Games go figure...
  7. hmmm..I know this is a (very) late reply, going thru the forums..but not sure how to say this...well..i'll just state it. "Yes", I see the raptor. looking to the rh side, kinda center.from the top of the kneck, head, one eye..I see it. does this mean I can get the good drugs now? muauauauahahahahah
  8. Thanks Calli !! I was hoping someone would agree. (Piper, please stop rolling your eyes, I can feel you doing it across the space time continuum...) Awesome!!! A task with a sesne of direction and a purpose!! thank you Scar !! I will work on this. I am getting the sense I know you, or used to know you...is that right? D? Did you used to have toon(s) in our Purple Guild of Humaniods here? Just trying to get aquianted re-aquianted here, as the case may be. I will take your guidance for action!!
  9. Questions on the attire... Can we get a condensed and or updated Codex listing here, and I think there must be an error or something but....: http://www.pgoh.org/codex.shtml Paragraph ii The Magistrate wears Black Plate/Robe, Rune Book, Black Kilt, Red Sash, Purple Apron, Purple Cloak Updated Version From: 29 September 2005 I am thinking this should be all purple, all the time, no questions. I mean we ARE the Purple Guardians of Honor. Purple beiong the key word there. I mean..at least for magistrates...that would work for me. I mean..look? 2005? Do not fashions change with each season? we are what? *takes off his shoes to count that high* ALOT of seasons behiond here!! My goodness!! Anyways, for what it is worth, my unasked for, probably better left unsaid, 2 pence.
  10. Mareak

    Vaca is over

    Your fond memories of the past bring hope to the future, ergo, self replicate. Look to and prepare for the future, your son expects you to.
  11. Martok, sorry to hear about the brick and all that...I had something similiar happen to be overnight in Atlanta...I was only there for a BBS convention, but anyways... I grew up in NY... a "trick" I learned from my father, put a switch in place, under the dash, or a wieght activated one under the seat, *something* to turn on and off the battery, as your car is now "marked" to be stolen later; thats why they took the registration. The switch will help fustrate the beginner thieves that used the brick on your window. Just trying to help ya out some... unless you know how to actually "ShokFrost" them ######s...*grinin*
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