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  1. Depaa


    WHATSSSS UPPPP CRUSHERS...? It be me Depaa! The old clan member saying hey and want to say Cheer to you all for accomplishing so much. i got back into WoW again. Might come back to Argent Dawn. so whats up Baracko? i see your doing well. well got to go and will come on and say hey to you all soon. congrats again guys and keep on keepen on! :thumbsup:
  2. OK i missed it but it was unexspected. i was over the toilet for most of the night i did get on for a little bit but got off after 5 min to go back to the toilet. um yah. ill try to there next time sarry.
  3. what do you mean we will die. i wont. lol im a TANK RWAAAR woot... you can do anything if you know what you are capable of
  4. well im slow with it ok school dose this ok. lol
  5. hey ill miss you man. we did great raids for pvp together and had lots of fun. i thought it was always great to have you around and im sarry to see you leave. you have a great life mon and dont do anything that i would do lol. or you can your choice mon. keep in touch peace.
  6. wouldent tranquil air totem have the same effect in a way. by giving 20% less agro to the party. so when a warrior dose his thing and gets the agrro wouldent every one get 20% and never get were the warrior was in the agro?. could this possibly work?
  7. thanks every one. i had a great time with my b-day. ill see you all in the game DPSing away like always lol. this means much to me thanks. i feal loved lol oh Vol i love that. i laughed so hard on that one
  8. hope i can be there. most likly will
  9. so when the server splits we take B right? this is so confusing lol. if it dose would it be poss for a others to make new toons on the B server or will all toon creations be viod? also just wondering when would be the server split??? im so confused!?!?!?
  10. i make a few runns. want to lead dem to if dat be ok. done it a good enugh times to know what to exspect in both of dem. also i want to do a run in the swamp one as well if any one is interested
  11. http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classe...000000000000000 i loved this spec and works out well for me. have a few peeps see what i can do to things with this spec. i love it and hope you all love it to
  12. i might be able to come just depends on internet and all. going to me moms for a bit.
  13. Depaa


    look i forgot the H my bad Rhoach. Baracko i knwo you want in this muahahahaha
  14. Depaa


    for thouse who PVP we should get a group together and pvp like hell for the HW gear boooyaaa. this is what i perpose we should do WSG or AB. if your looking for rep dont worry aboot it because rep is no longer a problem because any one with any rep with the pvp factions can be accessible by any one with nutral faction and get anything even exsulted stuff. so we should do lots of pvp because it takes tokens to get stuff as well so who will join me in the hunt?!?!?! we will kill all if we get a full pvp group of CS. odenn and me have done it befor. Oriha has joind us as well and manny others. like Roach and Roh if i can recall right. the horde needs you mon come join and have fun as well. will serve refeshments
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