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  1. didn't realize you guys had a guild going
  2. anyone have plans for this one?
  3. Oh i'm definitely hitting it up, I can't wait, just would like to see a few more names pop up.
  4. hopefully a few more old names pop up before this thing comes out sometime in 2010
  5. looks like ps3, 360, ngage, ds, ps2, psp, and wii for now, the wii will certainly be interesting, nunchuk as a lightsaber, can't wait to try it out
  6. happy BDay smed, i'm sure you haven't said anything because you're still making your way across the room on your walker.
  7. guess the fonts were about as original as everything else in the game
  8. Aww I loved the macro system, but yes it was abused much too often, sure macros are nice to alleviate the more repetitive actions but shouldn't be a replacement for actual play.
  9. Just chiming from outside the WoW domain here since I see some old SWG players in this thread, but some of you may not know that the SWGEmu project has advanced quite far in creating a pre-cu emulator, can check out some of the videos from it here and could see beta testing within a few months hopefully as RE'ing of packets is supposed to be near complete and thereafter concentration on completion of a quality server. Seems LA/SOE have decided the project is not worth opposing so shouldn't be any problems in that area. I for one am looking forward to see the realization of what SWG could(should) have been as they are aiming for Pub 12 based design while fixing the true flaws the game had rather than "fixing" what wasn't broken as SOE liked to to, and later on should even see JTL implemented.
  10. dont feel like running through all their posts again lookin for an answer, have they actually decided to include pvp?
  11. Arkan'

    Guild Wars

    2 months to get level 20 Renee?Tsk tsk, took me 6 days lol, another 2 to finish all the quests and missions, then another 3 weeks for elite skills, is a fun game though if you aren't hardcore, they have just brought in much more content recently so much more to do than before. PvP is overly structured like WoW though, can definitely draw a few parallels between the games, oh and the toons dance great
  12. Arkan'

    Interest Check

    Martok mentioned something about a DnL guild formation. A few of us have already joined a pre-existing guild outside THE on DnL, however, it is possible to join multiple guilds in the game so I may start one on here. However, as there are some other good games coming out, I'd like to find out if there are others who may be interested(those already in Chaotic need not answer). I'd try to describe the game, but it wouldn't be possible in a single post. In short, it takes many the good aspects of various games and throws them in together. The possibilities for both combat and RP are vast, the world is probably the most immersive, realistic(for example, environment and weather affects npcs and yourself, i.e. you can throw down your shield when snowing and snowboard on it as you walk slower in snow), and vast(map is 42x size of WoW, 20x SWG). Is lots more but just look at these links if interested. Open Beta called "Settlers of Gonorath" begins on Dec 8th. Dark and Light Website Stratics DnL Site(better place for info)
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