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Bubhosh Skullcrushers!! Da blak dragun Kween hab been CLOMP'D! Keep up da guud wurk agh clomp her sum mur. Mih kin dream dat mih kin kum tu ash ub da warpartiez suun.

((Work has me on a schedule right now that prevents me from doing anything on Wed or Thursday nights..the main reason why I don't run MC or Onyxia...and because I wasnt keyed to her until Monday..haha. Great job all, I am so proud of your accomplishments. Gonna try and be to MC on Friday..but you guys are full on Locks. Can't wait to see Ony on farm status for the greatest guild on AD!!!!!))

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Dabu Xaos!

I gotta thank those that came out with us - we couldn't have done without everyone that showed up! :p

It was one heck of a fight, but she came down. And will die at our collective might again. :rofl:

I have some screenshots that I will get posted this evening time permitting. I was going to update the DKP this morning, but work is preventing that (imagine that! lol). I'll have that posted this evening or tomorrow evening at the latest.

Anyhow, thanks for coming out everyone and making this a success! I'll get a better post together later today. ;)

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Bubhosh der Crushers!!

We can remember the days that we all just dreamed of this!! Thanks to Huato and Maube(MC) and Odenn (fer ZG:)) fer leading us into battle!!

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