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  1. Xaos

    Ug der!

    Oriah! I'm not too keen on kickin it with owls. But as long as you can melt faces at the LM, I'm game!
  2. Xaos

    Ug der!

    Hey there Crushers! Just thought I would drop by and say hello. It was such a pleasure to see some old faces in BWL the other night. If any of you ever need any help with quests, dungeons, or the ever rare raid spot, never hesitate to send me a tell. I still consider those of you I know family, and those that I don't....well, 3rd cousins twice removed, but still family! I wish you all the best, and I hope to join you all from time to time in game. -Xaos
  3. Full circle indeed. Welkum bak der Cheef!
  4. If ya need some warlock loving, I'll be available. Just send me an invite.
  5. Xaos


    Very awesome, friends. Just recieved the Deadly Dozen certificates, and i must say JOB WELL DONE. I deeply appreciate these being sent to me even though I am no longer a member of Clan Skullcrusher. I will definetly cherish them. Kinda gone up a bit since then though..hehe. Ranked 17th on the server now and almost General. Had to boast a leedul bit. DABU
  6. Sign me up. No, really..whoever the mastermind is behind this, I want in. The attack on Orgrimmar was the last straw for me. The Alliance will know that we are not just mere content for them to farm faction from. We fight, and we fight back hard. I would even be willing to lead a raid on Darnassus to take out Tyrande. I already have my spot picked out to summon in an entire raid unnoticed. My original choice was Jaina, but apparently she is nearly impossible to take out as she has the tendency to teleport half your raid, or more into the middle of Theramore Bay. You may just be a peon, but you speak with fire and constitution. I respect that, and I will pledge my services to this cause.
  7. Xaos

    Welkum nu memberz!

    Welkum Peunz! Latz gunna clean da Crusher Camp reel guud. Agh nub listen tu Uglutz, he blah da crazee blah...hit dub many tyms un da hed.
  8. Xaos


    So, ya, my car got stolen today.... That will be all.
  9. Xaos

    2 things

    I just recently aquired the Pattern for the Robe of the Void and I am collecting supplies to have someone create a Hide of the Wild for a lucky priest and/or druid. For the Hide of the Wild, I have 5 larval acids, 8 Essence of Water 3 Cured Rugged Hides and 5 Living Essences. For my Robe of the Void..well...I need a lot of help with that...40 felcloth is crazy. I'm gonna be farming for my demonic runes off and on..the 12 Essences of Fire are my biggest problem. Being a destructolock..most of my heavy hitting spells dont work on flamers... Anyhoo..any help would be much appreciated!
  10. Xaos


    Bubhosh Skullcrushers!! Da blak dragun Kween hab been CLOMP'D! Keep up da guud wurk agh clomp her sum mur. Mih kin dream dat mih kin kum tu ash ub da warpartiez suun. ((Work has me on a schedule right now that prevents me from doing anything on Wed or Thursday nights..the main reason why I don't run MC or Onyxia...and because I wasnt keyed to her until Monday..haha. Great job all, I am so proud of your accomplishments. Gonna try and be to MC on Friday..but you guys are full on Locks. Can't wait to see Ony on farm status for the greatest guild on AD!!!!!))
  11. Xaos

    Onyxia KEY LIST

    I need Drakk's blood. A couple Crushers and friends and I were able to down all four dragons in under an hour!!!
  12. Xaos

    MC of 5-5-06

    That is phenomenal!!!! Very proud of all of you...to go from where the Skullcrushers were when I first joined to what we are able to accomplish now is very uplifting. Congratulations on not only the ability for Maube to lead, but also for others on the ability to be lead. Also, never forget the our wonderfull Guild "racial" ability of Horde diplomacy with all of the wonderful people who help our guild on a weekly basis with these runs. Keep on clomping and down that big fiery ######.
  13. I only logged in by chance and was invited by Mirk..very last minute. Glad I was there, we will see Volonazra again..hopefully sooner than later.
  14. Mih nub gunna stray frum da path lat set befur mih, fren'. Lat fill'd mih wit hunur agh glury. Muh path ib uncurtan nuw dat let be gun. Be it wit da Crusherz ur udders...jus gruk dat lat made dis wurld fer mih......
  15. Xaos


    **Chases after Vaneedee wit a big clomp'n stick** Lat liddul panzie, git bak heer!!! ((woop woop woop woop Looney Tunes style))
  16. Xaos


    Say it with me now folks Xaos **Zay-ohs** not Zay-ahs, not Zows...grumble grumble. No more butchering over the TS from my own guildies for the love of Shakha......
  17. Mih missun muh mastah, Volo! Kum bak tu us suun bruddah!!!
  18. Xaos

    Hail Xaos

    Nub prublem Guilo! Latz puwurz helped mih git da crazy demunz owta muh mind. Huzzah tu yuu fer clomp'n tu lat 60th seazun.
  19. Maube, I went to sign up, apparently I need your approval. At my attempted sign up time there was an available slot for a Warlock. If that slot is still availbe upon my approval, consider it filled.
  20. **The document below was found stuck to the left tusk of the entryway to Xaos' hut at the base of Volonazra's Tower in Camp Skullcrusher** My Lord and Master, Xaos, former Warlock of the Dragonmaw Clan, Champion of Clan Skullcrusher, and former Blood Guard to Thrall, Warchief of The Horde has had a change of heart. Over the past few months he has spent more and more time unwraveling the dark powers under his possession. Spending days, even weeks at a time in meditation with Warlocks of the Twisting Nether whose names shall not be mentioned in your world. Life has just not been the same in his eyes. With no one but myself to confide this in, he has suffered in silence. Day after day the Alliance grows ever stronger while The Horde does nothing. Constant raiding parties on the gates of Orgrimmar as well as the terrible battles fought in Ashenvale, Arathi Highlands, and Alterac. The final straw was the attempted assasination of the mighty Cairne Bloodhoof. The Alliance fools were unaware of his mystical Tauren powers of self resurrection. His blood boiled with this news. Who would they strike next? The Dark Lady? Her powers are formidable, but that treacherous Dreadlord, Varimathras just might assist the invaders with her untimely demise. Would the Alliance dare to attack the Warchief himself? What would The Horde be without the very leader who brought you into new salvation? Yet all The Horde seems to do is swat at large flies and attempt to destroy ancient elementals. This is not The Horde my Master remembers. Death to the Alliance and domination of this world. You are at war again with these weak, pink and blue fleshbags. It is time to realize that maybe bloodlust and wanton destruction possibly should not have been given up so easily... Maybe this is why Warlocks are so reviled by The New Horde, they remind you of a time when The Horde was unmerciful and unstoppable. They still have that link to what Grom Hellscream gave his life to destroy. They pull their power from the very place that had corrupted your entire race. With great power, comes great responsibility. My Master is no exception to this rule. Volonazra warned him many times of the corruption that awaits many of their kind. The demonic embrace may overwhelm and turn a Warlock into an agent of The Burning Legion. This has not been the case with my Master. He has seen the weak underbelly of The Horde as it is now. He will not sit idley by and watch as the weaker races of this world run rampant through our borders, attacking our leaders on a whim. You will either stand with him, or move out of the way. I have brought this message to you so that you will all be prepared upon his return. My Master is in a deep communion near the Tainted Scar and it is not known when he shall return. Until then, his disciple, Aelexis, will be handling all of his affairs. Treat her kindly, or face my Masters wrath. Zilqua Faithfull Servant and Scribe of Xaos
  21. Xaos


    Monday nights I can do! Xaos 60 Warlock
  22. Xaos

    LF Flasks! :)

    You said "skerd".
  23. Xaos

    Bottomless Bags

    I still play as much as I can. Work has been messing with my schedule. I can't really do any raiding at this point in time, so Xaos chills in Org while my alt, Aelexis levels up her sneaky backstabbing ways. Feel free to hit me up on either one if you see me online!
  24. Xaos


    Unkeyed...if it matters.
  25. Congratulations Huato! If your character is any indication as to the person you truly are, you're gonna be a fantastic father! May the God's smile down upon you and your little clan my friend!
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