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New Guild Name.


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And I pootched the name change as well, FYI. Thought we could snag Vigil just in case and then hope to change it to Vigilance if it was free or we could figure it out...

Unfortunatly I screwed that up with the "one free change" option. I submitted a ticket, but I don't think that's going to help anything at all.

I apologize for that.

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We have the Vigilance name still.

Marcohs has it (guild shows over 279 characters)


The "current" guild is Vigil. The 'vigilance' guild that Morgh is talking about is actually a clone of the one from the old server.

Long story short, Bioware ######ed us on the original transfer, then 'fixed' it later after all of the active people at the time recreated the guild on the new server.

I currently have leadership in Vigil, so feel free to send Taira or Isendra a mail and I'll get anyone all hooked up. :)

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I don't have any channel rights there. Might be helpful.

Do you happen to know why there were a bunch of people from a guild called "Phaze" from Guild Wars 2 on our Teamspeak server tonight? I didn't recognize a single person there and it was a bit disconcerting since I didn't see anything here about it.

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Try to catch me when I am in Teamspeak and I'll get you admin rights. Isandra had admin rights now for Vigilance.

The Honor Empire has been inactive for many months now in GW2. So I joined SD, SDE, then PHZE (SD and SDE fell apart) with Jadeynn as she was the only one from here that played on a regular basis (not as much now). My co-worker was playing with me on an almost daily basis as well, but he has some real life work issues to deal with now. Martok came back for a coupe of weeks last month, but he switched servers long ago, so I do not see him around that much.

Anyway, hengeofdenravi.com has been having all sorts of issues with their forums and teamspeak. So we are using T.H.E. as a temp server (maybe perm, haven't decided). I wouldn't mind bringing them into the fold and bring new life to THE.

I miss the days when we had sooo many people here. We have over 70k+ posts on these forums alone and this was not the first one we used.

Maybe EQ Next will bring back some of the old timers. But that could be a good year or two away.

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Ah, okay. :) I just wanted to be sure they weren't a bunch of TS Ninjas. ;) That and I am nosey as hell, so mysteries bother me. Thanks for the heads-up.

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