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Wintergrasp....post Tower age


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Now that the Southern Towers have become a key factor in the Wintergrasp Battle event....it is time to utilize teamwork (though the Horde is outnumbered) smartly and be able to aid the overall Horde defense or offense within the Wintergrasp battleground.

Starting with DEFENSE.....when Horde controls the Keep and Relic.

What do we know.

1) we will be outnumbered.

2) Alliance will spawn from EAST side behind Eastshop Siege works.

3) DeathKnights can PULL players off ledges (so if your NOT a gunner at Keep) your just a yo-yo.

4) Southern 3 Towers give the Alliance forces damaging bonuses in attacking the Keep defenses.

5) We WILL have a Tenacity bonus usually at the beginning.

Sooo then....

A) Head straight down the middle Bridge and kill the 4 NPCs on way to the Central Southern Tower.

B) Kill all the Guns on the tower...they count as kills.

C) Move to the West Tower and kill all the guns on that tower.

D) Head back to the Western garage and kill the newly spawned Guards until you get to SIEGE CAPABLE.

E) Roll Siege units to Towers West...Central...East....anyone NOT siege capable should defend Sieges

When we are on OFFENSE.....when Alliance controls the Keep and Relic.

1) we will be outnumbered.

2) Alliance will move as quick as they can to the WEST Siegeshop to attack the incoming Horde

3) Alliance will generally send 1 team of vehicles to the Center Southern Tower

4) If Alliance keeps WEST Siegeshop they will then roll down to the Southwest Tower.

5) Battle will be on ground outside the Keep in hand to hand primarily

6) Alliance Rogues and Druids WILL head for Southern Towers to destroy gun batteries.


A) West Siegeshop MUST be taken and maintained......EAST only important in longer game to avoid reinforcements

B) Central Bridge MUST have a solid roadblock (Druids/Hunters/Warriors are great)

C) Head to the West side of Keep...kill guns and work your way around to the front killing all guns.

D) Alliance NPCs will begin to spawn...kill them and/or move to Central Bridge and slay the NPCs there till you get SIEGE capable.

E) Once Siege Capable....roll out siege from West to west wall...those not siege capable defend sieges...until you are Siege capable

F) In a more stalemated game....Demolishers come into play for thier lobbing ability to coordinate with the TANK Trios.

G) Ground troops nowdays can take down a Siege in seconds....so gunner is important and infantry defense.

OFFENSE for the Horde on our Argent Dawn is harder since raw numbers can quickly overwhelm the multiple paths to the Southern Towers by the Defending Alliance....controlling the Central bridge is key and West Siegeshop. In long stalemated battles....there must at some point be a dual pronged attack on the Keep to cut their focus in half.

DEFENSE for the Horde is possible but needs a tight and consistent plan to get those Towers down and Keep West Siegeshop....bottlenecking the Alliance attack to the eastern side of Keep is best chance for win.....we cant afford to let the Alliance numbers have multiple paths into the Keep.

General Notes on Vehicles...

Tank Gunners....SHOOT AT THE GROUND TROOPS CHASIN YA....dont worry bout towers/walls until your within range....keeping the tank alive for the ram power is greater than shooting at a tower gun. With Towers UP and 4 Tanks together = walls are butter and you are a hot knife....stay together...stay on target....stay on target.

Demolishers....Range DPS is great for front bumper riders.....and Druids can nicely pushback things off the rear as well as root....very good against the Towers for speed and range ability plus the bash ability...better than Tanks vs Towers.

Catapults....never underestimate the power of da Plague.....3 plague bombs onto an area....6k+ damage to a target....in 10 seconds....they dead with multiple bombing consistently......snow should stay green in the battlefield.

While in melee kill healers first is the general rule.....well in killing vehicles....kill Catapults FIRST.....Tanks 2nd...Demolishers lastly)

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Hey, is anyone still participating in WG? I go whenever it's up and I'm online, but I haven't really gotten any Crushers to come with me besides Neroscoryn, though I always advertise when it's up in guildchat.

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Hey, is anyone still participating in WG? I go whenever it's up and I'm online, but I haven't really gotten any Crushers to come with me besides Neroscoryn, though I always advertise when it's up in guildchat.

I tend to hop in if I'm not busy with other stuff

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Hey, is anyone still participating in WG? I go whenever it's up and I'm online, but I haven't really gotten any Crushers to come with me besides Neroscoryn, though I always advertise when it's up in guildchat.

I'm in WG like half my life

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It seems the Alliance really have taken to heart the strategy of Destroying Towers East to West.....when we are assaulting the Keep.....it is a PREMIUM Now that the SOUTHERN half of Wintergrasp CONSTANTLY is in Horde control.

BOTH EastPark and WestPark Siege factories MUST be maintained in HORDE control......even if it means you never get to assault keep.....its best to maintain the 3 towers and control of the 2 Southern Factories.

(8 Vehicles worth of support)

The Sunken Temple Factory then becomes the area to focus any Southern support toward....not assaulting the Keep.

The Tower bonus and 8 vehicle count that the south gives us OUTNUMBERED Horde is critical to maintain for any hope of victory.

Conversly when we DO hold the keep we MUST take the SOUTH Towers Down FAST.....MASS ZERG from Western Flight point down and work West to East is fastest.

The interesting part is....if we kept the Western Flight point Factory.....Zerged down and wiped out the Towers.....even holding those 2 southern factories....that would limit Alliance to only 4 assault machines (giving them the Sunken Temple only as a factory).

With Towers down....moving everyone to maintaining the West Flight point Factory and then Taking and HOLDING the Sunken Temple...would force the Alliance to go down and take the southern 2 Factories...and then create a bottleneck opportunity for us against their vehicles at Central or one of the 2 side roads......but mainly BURN TIME they need to roll to Keep.

Recently this old strategy finally is being implemented and on Sunday Horde actually DEFENDED the Keep 4 straight times in the morning....glorious it was...glorious.

Thanks for listening to the chatter.

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