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Character profile: Piper

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(I just copy/pasted this from over at the RP Portal because I can do that...! I'll update/edit it as needed.)


  • Name: Piper Swift.
  • Race: Human.
  • Age: Mid-20s.
  • Height: Close to 6'2" when wearing her usual boots.
  • Build: Lean musculature with strong arms. The lasting impression would be that she's rather lanky.
  • Eye color: Muted yellow-green.
  • Hair: Naturally honey-colored. She typically keeps it out of the way in a short ponytail, but always lets down the long bangs on the right side to mask the scar on her cheek. Always messy and touseled.
  • Complexion: Fair and clear (aside from scars).
  • Identifying features: The lower third of her left ear is cut off and healed over. The most visible of her scars is the one running down her right cheek; the others are usually covered by clothing. There is another across her throat, but it doesn't appear to be from too serious a wound. There are several scars on her arms, and a small one on the left side of her abdomen. A fairly long scar swipes across her midsection.
  • Et cetera: She is a completely "normal" human with no unusual powers, though she has knowledge of a variety of subjects. Her accent is indistinct. She often flashes a lopsided grin, but is rarely seen smiling. Always carries multiple weapons and is nearly always found with a pipe and a flask on her person.
  • Alignment: Chaotic neutral.


Edited by Piper

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Hehe, I like that "Chaotic neutral", I think it fits Piper very well; she always do whatever she wants. On the same scale I always thought of Tyr as Chaotic good.


I will certainly be back, hopefully sometime soon.

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  • Birthname: Gregory Meridius
  • Current Title: Emeritus Lord Gregory Meridius the Ancient
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 41, but looks much older due to his disregard for shaving
  • Height: 6 foots
  • Build: Strong and muscular. Despite his age Greg has muscles that nearly break through his skin.
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair: Grayish-Black
  • Complexion: He maintains a fairness from being born in Vesper, however the harsh sun from years as a Guardian in Trinsic has given him a rugged and tanned appearance.
  • Identifying features: A long untrimmed gray beard with long gray hair. A purple Jester's hat. His hands are usually covered in some sort of ink from hours at study preparing documents and amending the PGoH Codex of Standard, which he authored.
  • Et cetera: Greg is considered one of the best looking men in the realm. Many a lass have been attracted to his command of power and authority, especially when he was the Emperor. He lives only with his brother Hippocrates though, never finding true love. He is intelligent on most matters, and an accomplished orator. He is known to have a preference for donuts. To his brothers and sisters Greg will always be loyal and true, to those who betray the Empire he will hunt down and see them destroyed.
  • Alignment: Lawful good.

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Name: Katherine Belle Elle

Current Title: Senator of Commerce, PGoH Housing Authority Administrator

Race: Human

Age: Appears to be in her mid twenties

Height: 5'3".

Build: Lean and fit, her body has the tone of a gymnast.

Eye Color: Green

Hair: Impeccably tended to, she has stick straight almond brown hair that reaches to her waist.

Complexion: She is of a medium complexion, with a very light tan.

Identifying features: Her armor is custom made to house several daggers, while her tricorne hat is always canted at an angle on her head. The cloth that her clothes are made out of is specially designed to not make noise when it brushes against things, and her weapon straps are all taut to prevent any clattering.

Et Cetera: Katherine carries several pouches around her waist, and is very resourceful. Despite often coming across like a brainless ditz, in battle she is very capable, and when she is angered she often flies into very lucid and clearcut rants. She is a very accomplished negotiator as well as scavenger, and is known for her ability to convince, trick, connive, or elicit the response she wants from anyone, as well as in convincing people to sell. Katherine loves to fight as seen by her characteristic grin whenever she is doing so, and above all else abhors stupidity.

Alignment: ?? ??

Edited by Katherine Elle

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Name- Scarst (The only people who know his real name are the ones who raised him)

Current Title- Knight

Race- Human? (never met his parents)

Age- 29 (looks a bit older because of all the scars)

Height- 6' (1.83 Meters)

Build- He has a medium muscle tone and little body fat

Eye Color- A blueish white

Hair Color/ Style- A dark brown when it isn't stained green by the blood of poison elementals he kills, His hair is usually tied back and reaches about an inch past his shoulders

Complexion- Has lightly tanned skin and scar on most of his body besides his legs

Identifying Features- Has a diagonal scar across his left eye, carries an empty sheath on his back, three sheaths on his left side at his waist, and two sheaths on his right side at his waist. If ever seen without a shirt there is a very large scar on the right side of his back at chest level that an expert in forensics could tell was made by either a large dagger or kryss stabbing him through the back.

Et Cetera- Was born in skara brae on the felucca facet His mother died giving birth and father was dead before he was born, He was raised by Monks in a temple on the felucca facet outside of skara brae.

Alignment- Somewhere between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Good, On rare occasions he acts Neutral Good

Edited by Scarst

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Ok... I had to give this a try... yea yea I knows... I's a copy cat... *meows*!!

· Birthname: She is only known by Alexia

· Married name: She is not married.

· Race: Human.

· Age: Somewhere around the age of 19

· Height: Close to 5 foot 7 inches.

· Build: She has a slender, youthful body of one in their teens; yet, she also has more upper body strength than lower body strength that comes from her use of a bow.

· Eye color: Alexia has brown eyes with a hint of green

· Hair: Alexia has dark brown hair that she often wears in pigtails.

· Complexion: A tanned complexion of someone that might spend a good bit of time outdoors.

· Identifying features: Identifying features of Alexia might just be her pigtails and the smile she almost always seems to have on her face.

· Et cetera: Alexia almost always seems to be happy, yet a bit immature.

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This reminds me of this post started also by Piper. I like this very much because it helps (at least me) a lot in RP.

* Birthname: Tyr Antilles

* Race: IC he belive himself to be a normal human.

* Age: He though of himself to have 25 but recent discoveries about his past made him skeptic.

* Height: 180 cm.

* Build: He is not a man of muscle, he even have a dim look, but he have a very high endurance perhaps due to the long hours he spend swimming and when on land, riding and fighting. Sometimes his moves look really lazy, but are fluid and precise.

* Eye color: Azure blue, looking unreal for a human.

* Hair: Naturally blue falling on his shoulders. Even if he don't use a comb, his hair allways seems to arrange by itself. Even after long time spend in salty sea water and on the sun his hair do not decay and seem very resistent to cut.

* Complexion: White marble like skin, sometimes with a very slight blue shadow.

* Identifying features: Usual is reserved and meditative, but between friends he likes to joke around and do funny things. He likes cartography and history of Sosaria, he is reading very much and is very proud of his personal library were he holds some of the most remarcable britannian literary productions. On the other hand he loves adventures and danger, big fights against everything that is evil, being able to fight endlessly for his ideals.

* Et cetera: A short story about first part of Tyr's life can be found here. Tyr is a strange individual with very vast knowledge in different fields, being able to be, thru meditation either swordsman, archer, crafter, bard, tamer, fisher and perhaps many others. His hidden ennemy, the one who manipulated his life from the shadows is a balron known as Lord of the Abyss from a certain Ilshenar dungeon, which, at some point took control of Tyr's mind and tried to use him for his own purposes.

* Alignment: Chaotic good (respecting NWN hierachy).

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  • Birthname: Kei Wa
  • Current Title: Kei Wa (but he's a squire now)
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 30
  • Height: 5' 5"
  • Build: Well fed.
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair: Red
  • Complexion: Pale.
  • Identifying features: A nose that's usually pressed into a book. Ink stains on his fingers (but he claims not to be a scribe). He prefers to wear loosely fitted clothes, which kind of accentuate his hefty figure
  • Et cetera: Kei was born in Enden and studied in the magic academy there before the place blew up in an unfortunate alchemy incident (better'n saying the home owner quit, eh?). Kei claims to have been nowhere near the building, but he also won't touch a mortar and pestle and mistrusts those who do. While overweight, he is in excellent shape and can keep up in a scrap if he has to. He knows how to use his weight to his advantage. After he left his home in Enden, he spent time as a wandering healer and a magic instructor before his travels brought him to Olympus.
  • Alignment: Neutral good.

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