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  1. The treasure hunt started under the sign of Minerva was a great adventure indeed. We completed no less then ten ingeniously drawn treasure maps and everyone was fighting and helped each other like true legionnaires! This are some memories from the hunt: Our expeditionary group gathering in front of Olympus gates. And the distra(u)ction begins!!! The only torch in the middle of the dark forest. A short "respiro" before going again! Here is the proof that i wasn't the only one enjoying the adventure Kaylor, do not forget to send me a message pigeon when you can take your bag with treasure I hold for you. When I will have time to unravel all the stuff I hold for the guild (thank you SinDee for your generous donation), I will will post somewhere over here. Thank you for participate everyone.
  2. [Finally found upload site. All OK. Click to view full image to see all details.] These two are SA maps. I wrote my (personal) comments and observations on them but maybe they will be useful for someone else as well. I will update them when I will discover more. I just found this map on the net and i think is nice. Thank you Hawkeye Pike!
  3. We gathered with our pickaxes and prospector's tools under the sign of Vulcan and we had great time in this nice mining trip! Many thanks to our guards for protecting us, the miners, and to everyone for the discipline and coordination.
  4. Some pics I took from the Jousting arena that took place on saturday evening. Mars - Jousting Tournament - Saturday the 17th 9 pm Market/Jousting arena Here Piper and Tyr receiving instructions. Here Lyra Darkstar and Kelfer on a fierce combat. Torrie confronts the destroyer Uthan Elgof. Here Tyr artistically gets his a** kicked by Torrie. Uthan unleashed is decided to wipe Lyra from the arena. And the final blow! The three winners receiving their prizes. Congratulations to Uthan Elgof (first place), Lyra Darkstar (second) , and Torrie (third). Everyone agrees that the victory was because of the beard. I recall Rotep watching Uthan's hair with wide open eyes, then asking the fatal question: "Can I touch it?" ((all comments was from what i can remember, if I did any mistakes please correct me))
  5. Aaaah! I read the posts so late! I have over 40 metal chests (all colors) on my vendor at 300 gp each (trying to get rid' of them). As soon I can login I will take what's left of them. I am sure must be some gold between them. And I think I might have some normal metal as well. I will let you know after checking.
  6. Good, from what i see, only one day is without an event - 13 October. If I am not wrong, sorting all the dates in chronological order will result in something like that: 11 Zeus - Opening Ceremony - October 11th 7 pm Olympus 12 Artimes - Archery Tournament - Monday the 12th 7 pm Training area Trinsic 13 14 Venus - Healer's Challenge - Wednesday the 14th 8 pm Infirmary 15 Mercury - Casino Night - Thursday the 15th 8 pm 16 Hades - Humility Hunt - Friday the 16th at 7 pm 17 Mars - Jousting Tournament - Saturday the 17th 9 pm Market/Jousting arena 18 Vesta - Trades Baazar - Sunday the 18th 7 pm 19 Vulcan - Mining Event - Monday the 19th 9 pm 20 Posiedon - Community Nets - Tuesday the 20th at 8 pm 21 Ceres - Egg Hunt and Feast - Wednesday the 21st 8 pm 22 Hera - Zoo Collection - Thursday the 22nd at 8 pm 23 Minerva - Treasure Hunt - Friday the 23rd at 9 pm 24 Apollo - Bards Night Championship - Saturday the 24th 9 pm Galehaven 25 Zeus - Closing Ceremony - October 25th 7 pm Olympus
  7. If this is ok, I will like to run the following events: ---===--- Minerva - Treasure Hunt --- the time good for me for this event is Friday at 21.00 east. The rules for that you probably already know, we will dig up a chest for each participant of the hunt by rotation and he will get all content of that chest +all loot from monsters spawned by that chest. My advice is to have enough free space on house to store all magic items (you all know for what:) )! If the date and time is convenient for everyone, Thom, please update the main table. ---===--- Vulcan - Mining Event --- Day for this event from my viewpoint can be any working day (for example 12.10.2009, Monday evening), but I can be there only on the strict interval 21.00 - 23.00 east. I underline again that I need to go exactly at 23.00, if is needed the rest of the party can continue without me from that point. We will organize a mining caravan starting from Olympus and then by gates, mining in several good places with gargoyle pickaxes and prospector's tools. We need at least one person in party to gate the entire group and maybe a few guards (I will be one of them as miner-archer). I would like one spot to be Shame LVL2 at Dull copper elemental area, but that depends of what guards we have. I want to hear your opinions about mining in Felucca too. Is always a chance to meet reds there, I did several times, but the ore is much better and what is life without a bit of risk...? If any of you have better ideas of doing this event please share! And choose a working day convenient for the most, thank you Thom.
  8. Thank you for the run Pitr, I am sorry I can't talk on vent in the evenings, the weird hour do not allow me to speak out load. I will add your ICQ a.s.a.p.
  9. Thank you for your invitation Pitr, I didn't consult with anyone else, so I speak only in my name, I am very interested to join these hunts and I will if I will ever be around that hour. My opinion about bloodshed is: better die trying then do not try at all. Tyr Antilles
  10. PGoH TREASURE HUNTING Are you dreaming about an adventurous life in witch you follow the path written on a dusty parchment which can take you to fabulous treasures lost of a long time and buried chests guarded by strong creatures? If so, you can join our party next Friday evening (2009.08.14) at 21.00 (east) in front of Olympus Castle from where we will try to decipher ingeniously treasure maps and go dig the treasures out. RULES At least one map for each party member by rotation, that means all loot from the chest and all creatures spawned goes to one person, then loot from next map to next person and so on. This way everyone will have the same chance to get something nice since all maps will be of the same level. I can provide ingeniously drawn treasure maps but for that we will need a dragon with us. Happy hunting and if you see an ancient wyrm flying to you, please, run.....
  11. I would prefer Friday for treasure hunts and Thursday for peerless. Unfortunately I am very busy in the last days/weeks/months and I barely had the time to login for a half of hour per day, sometimes no login at all. I hope situation will clear somehow so I can be more active again.
  12. The PNG looks perfect in Opera 10 including transparency.
  13. I just encountered this very old site with ImaNewbie stories. Some of them are even before Renaissance, but I found them very fun. http://www.imanewbie.com/imatoons/ima01.shtml
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