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  1. I've decided to Start doing a monthly Archery Contest and after the 12th Competition I will put together a Tournament of the champions with a bigger prize there will be twelve seats and you will be able to win more than one seat. This months tournament Will be held the 15th of January at 7:30 PM. All are welcome role players to PvPers and anything in between and outside of it. The contest this time will be held at the Trinsic Archery Range Near Palidan Island. The rules are: 1. Come in clothing no armor and no robes, dresses, Skirts, or tunics and anything of the like. ( If you are confused just wear a shirt and pant) 2. No rings or bracelets. 3. Bows will be supplied to participants and only bows. (arrows may be supplied if you do not have your own)
  2. Almost no one comes to them Saturday isn't big most nights it's just me and James or just me standing there for an hour than closing up shop.
  3. You people and you're all purple I mean I can make the dyes but seriously some of you other people better start bringing me black seeds if you want to the dark purple! So start running the solen quest haha I also except white seeds need those to make lighter colors. I literally have enough venom to make almost 400 fixatives enough to dye the whole legion active and not at least twice the problem is the black seeds so if you want purple armor that's pretty much how you get it Black Seed + Purple Seed + GM Alchemy + Green Thumb.
  4. Scarst


    Katherine will eat your soul if you come back watch out bring your shield.
  5. Well I'm glad Eban didn't decide to shoot as he makes a good meat shield and Julia got back right in time bows do a lot to an unarmored person and taking 2 arrows to the back for 53 and 38 damage didn't help my chances of survival. haha
  6. Um If you schedule it a Monday night starting anytime between 6-9pm that would work. I can also so any time after 12pm on Saturdays, also can do early evening on Sunday preferably near 6pm. Tuesday is my only real weekday I have no classes so I try to catch up on anything that needs to be done then and get a good nights sleep for my Wednesday classes which explains why Monday would work well but I guess I could do Friday for the same reason. Basically I don't pack my schedule that heavily far ahead especially during school months so as of now I have nothing scheduled those weeks and I only know my school schedule and a predictable essay that I will most likely be writing at the time so Monday or Friday night would be best. P.S. Sorry for the long explanation.
  7. I wasn't oblivious I just didn't care and I was taming for you guys.
  8. Scarst

    GM Imbuing

    So calli when you coming back?
  9. Scarst

    GM Imbuing

  10. All the cool people are born in January they are cool because they froze there butts off shortly after being born.
  11. Rotep had gotten to the hall early for what he knew would be an unorganized messy battle. When Dawn and Owain finally got there they wasted no time. Owain Opened a moongate to a maze like corridor with manifestation littered all around and within seconds the pack of dragons descended on them into a fierce battle. Rotep could barely move and could barely see the the manafestations to attack them. He quickly realized his talents would be put to better use preventing damage from being done as he saw the masses of revenants being summoned he readied his left hand with the power to dispel them and his right with the power to heal the wounded and quickly teleported through the crowd he couldn't move through tapping each revenant as he passed and helping up any one who had fallen. He had reached the front lines only to see owain retreating back to what Rotep thought was the front lines. Rotep looked on at a small group who had been fighting ahead and holding off the brute force of the attack among them Sharkeye Pike, Clive Dauthi, and A pirate women he didn't recognize. He decided to go over and try to help although he felt of little use and decided he needed to do something more productive so he put on a kasa he had found and he rode into the mass of manafestations ignoring the spells cast at him and dodging there bodies until he got to the source a red ruby on a pedestal emitting a force field and all three of the shadow lords themselves feeding on the waning life force of the battle. He suddenly got hit in the back as he turned he saw a fiendishly large unseen and after throwing an energy bolt at Nosfentor. He returned to the front lines continuing to heal people and dispelling the evil summoned arms until they got back to the Red Ruby. He had stationed a spot for the injured to come and didn't get to see the shadow lords fall. After they had fallen there was talk back at the castle of the Lord British. Some wanted to keep the crystal others wanted to use it for there own gains. While some wanted it destroyed others wanted it studied. Owain decided it would be best to study it to see what should happen to it and a more permanent solution to it's disposal.
  12. I was talking to James and I got an idea maybe a scavenger hunt.
  13. How am I the only sane person in this guild? Maybe it's because I'm the only sane person who still plays UO

  14. Well there are like 4 piper characters haha and I wouldn't be opposed to being the riddle giver for a group of people if it is set up in teams I mean after all Rotep has nothing better to do depending on when I have my surgery and class time and book reading and paper writing and general fatigue that is.
  15. Or for the Hera Event we could round up Pipers haha And aneirin can go for the most dangerous game ... Cupcake aka Laurana
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