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  1. As you all know, I am a master requisitionist and trader! As such, I've managed to gather a full set of champion skulls in addition to that which will remain on display inside of our new vault once it is complete. A public harrower will be run the night of Saturday December 12th, With a meetup time of 7:15 PM EST and a skull drop shortly after that. Everyone is invited to join us, and I've spoken with many of those who frequent the old lands of Felucca who support this public harrower. We invite you all to attend, and please post here if you have any questions or concerns about it. You may also contact me via my icq, listed in my profile! A big thank you to all those I've spoken with who have offered cooperation and support! We'll also be finishing the night off with Galehaven Tavern's Casino Night, a popular event that went over quite well during Honordayz and now will be held on a regular or semiregular basis as our schedules allow. If you have questions about that, feel free to ask as well! May Honor Guide and Bind you!
  2. Consularis, as a retired head of state position, takes the stance of all retired positions, such as Emeritus (Retired Emperor) and other retired veterans; You may choose to wear the uniform of any rank you held during your service to the Empire. All Ceremonial Uniforms are undergoing review, and if you have any questions or suggestions please speak to a voting member of the council of honor, or make a properly formatted proposition for vote (Greg can help you there!) to put forth before the council. Magistrates uniform has not been discussed upon the Council of Honor in any form at all due to the fact we had no active magistrates; You will need to bring that up with a Senator (Myself, Eban, Tyr) or the Head of State (Greg) or the Praetorian Prefect (Kelfer), Or the Emperor and Empress. If you have suggestions for uniform, please note that ceremonial uniform must be all of one piece (I.E. Not a mixed set of elf, human, and samurai armor) and must be wearable by all (Exception is gargoyles as currently gargoyles are not allowed due to their inability to wear uniform. Therefore, all ceremonial armor must be human armor without exception, as elf armor is race exclusive.) Hope this clears that up, if not, talk to me! Thanks!
  3. We're doing well, and expanding and being active as a guild! Come back and join in the fun! ^_^
  4. Hi there! I am currently beginning work on a rather ambitious housing project endeavor, and as such, need lots of pillows. What I have just isnt nearly enough. I need Dusty pillows, large pillows, small pillows, cylindrical pillows, big heavy square pillows, and all shipwreck and puzzle box pillows. The only pillows I don't want are the spring deco token pillows (blech). So please, if you have pillows you can part with, drop me a PM or an icq at 431702770. Thanks!
  5. I'm trying to get as many normal metal chests and gold metal chests as possible, so if you have any, let me know and we can work something out! Thanks!
  6. Our Archery Contest has proven to be quite the popular event! Pictured above are: Alexander, Thom, Eban, Nora Fletcher, Paul, Drugan Nighthawk, Julia Parvon [PGoH] Elaina, Aneirin, Pete Ninefinger, Aramil [uP] Catlord [DOOM] Xanthus Razele Mr. Fingers Kalai Terelyn Bullseye [F*A] Conrad Brandt Black Sun [sC*C] CottonCandy Mordrid, Shandril [DRI^] Ankhara [T^S] Ivis Mara [FURY] Bink G.tamer [DoT] Thanks for all of you who came out!
  7. We changed Senators to blue sash, Purple cloak in ceremonial. Thanks!
  8. Zeus - Grand Unveiling of Olympus Hades - Naked (Cloth only) Dungeon Crawl Minerva - Virtues / Catskills Lore Quiz Vesta - Decoration Contest. (Will post details later) Venus - Doctor's Challenge! Do you think you have what it takes to cut it as a healer at one of the towns Healer's Guilds? You'll be given a patient with symptoms, as well as certain tools and potions that must be used to save the patient. Will they live or die? It's up to you! Ceres - Purple Egg Hunt! Each contestant is given 5 (or 10, if necessary) green thorns, and whomever gets a purple set of eggs first wins!
  9. This Wednesday evening at 7 PM EST a boat loaded with the finest of Olympian Spiced Rum will depart from the bay in front of Olympus Castle on a course that passed by Skara Brae on it's way to Que's tavern. This will be our first shipment to Que's in our business partnership with the Bartender James, and we need to make sure everything goes right. Due to this and the importance of this shipment, we are requesting as many Guardians as are able to attend to be part of guarding this shipment. Come prepared with any supplies you need. OOC: We will be delivering a shipment via boat caravan to Que's tavern on wednesday. This will be a PVP event, and by agreement with all sides involved will be done in GM Crafted Armor. Those who know about the rule should already have their suits ready, if not, Suits are available at the vault in the Metal Chests along the back right wall. Armor is the only thing restricted to GM, weapons, jewelry, shields, books, and talismans are not. Summoned creatures and Pets are unnecessary. Thank you all!
  10. Alright, well, after speaking to several on ICQ who didnt vote here but who are all invited, it looks like Peerless will be Thursday and Sunday at 7 PM EST, and Ingenius (Level Six) Treasure hunting Friday nights at 9 PM EST!
  11. Hawkeye has voted for thursday, and James for friday. Whichever day wins will be for peerless, the other will be for Ingenious treasure map hunting.
  12. Hi! Since we were already competing with dealing with Que's tavern being on wednesday nights, I'd like to know what everyone thinks about moving our peerless hunts to Thursday or Friday! Please vote in the poll and let me know, and we may use the other night for Treasure Hunting! Thanks! ^_^
  13. Wednesday Night, 7 PM EST: Travesty Peerless Hunt! Be there!
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