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  1. Nice! We won't be on for a week and a half - going on vacation. See you when we get back, though (on the 20th). I'll log in now for that guild invite, so you can have a cape in the meantime. Jas
  2. Just hit level 10 today with our mains, and finally got the money together for a cape - looks great! Saw you online today, Hoth, and tried to send you a tell, but you never responded. I don't think they stand out well enough. Will try again next time I catch you online at the same time I am. Jas
  3. So far, a really fun game. My characters are: Countess Salyse - Monk/Necromancer Lev. 7 Mistress Sasha - Mesmer/Monk Lev. 4 See you ingame hopefully, Hoth!
  4. Yeah, have fun with your new pals, Meif. Stay in touch. Fizit
  5. Yeah, the apparently lower cap is highly annoying, when we can't get into the server we've been playing on since day 1. I don't wanna go play an alt on some other server, I wanna play Fizit! #(^&%
  6. Jas

    Out for a bit

    Pur Uglutz! Mih am surri fur lat. See lat latr. Fiz
  7. Jas


    Yub, Rhoach - mine's on backorder. Fizit
  8. Yeah, same here. Enchanting supplies are hard to come by, and it's often a choice between money (for selling a green item) or enchanting supplies for disenchanting them. Anyone who wants to help the enchanters of the guild should send their cheaper, non-soulbound green items (make a cutoff, maybe, and send anything that would sell for less than that). I keep enchanting supplies in the bank at all times, and am happy to enchant clanmate stuff (weapons and armor) for free (provided, of course, that we're in Orgrimmar at the same time). I also have to have the particular ingredient for the enchantment you want. Look me up, and I'll hit the bank and do any enchantments you want (and that I can do) for your stuff. Fizit
  9. I agree, for now. Mismatched gear, with the good armor/dps/stats, etc is what I wear. Eventually, when I'm an uber lev 60 orc, I'd like to have a cool looking matched set. But I suspect by then we'll all be gathering sets with good fire, cold, or nature resistance, and swapping our armor to wear what's appropriate for whatever instance we're trying to tackle. Fizit
  10. Jas

    Nu trul heer!

    Welkum tu da clan, liddul olog! Betr lurn whut clompin iz, it ib whut lyf iz al abowt! Fizit
  11. Surri mez su layt. Welkum tu da clan! Fizit
  12. I don't use cosmos. I have logged into the Skullcrusher and Hordecraft channels each once, and am still connected (after months playing the game, for the Skullcrusher channel, at least). With an n of 1, at least, seems cosmos may be related to this issue. Fizit
  13. Your EVIL Test Results (Score: 36 out of 200) 18% Mildly Evil You really must try harder, scum! If you really want to be evil, you'll have to be more cruel, more devious, more conniving, and more confident! People probably already suspect that you are a little different, though they most likely think that you are merely irritable, prone to mood swings, or just plain cocky. If you want to acheive anything, you'll need to be more assertive with your evil tendencies. Try blowing something up, or even try spreading rumors about a co-worker's sexual orientation. That would be a good start, but be careful not to rest on your laurels.
  14. Sorry about the food poisoning, congrats on the wedding! Jas
  15. Addendum: Shaman Water Walking spel requires Fish Oil. So, please save for Uglutz, me, or another shaman clanmate. Thanks! Fizit
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