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    Giving my husband grief, playing WoW *duh*, rennaisance fairs *I dress up like a serving wench*, amusement parks *I love coasters*, visiting my in-laws *they're so great!*oh, and being spoiled by my hubby! * I am UBER spoiled!*
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  1. Oh I can tell you how he finds his patterns. He most likely spends an hour or 2 a day traveling to remote locations checking merchants. Go to any little hole in the wall where there may be a general goods, tailoring supplies, or engineering vendor, (i.e Ratchet, or small camps with no flight path that only have one or 2 vendors and not much else) and on the last page of his/her sellable goods, there's always a couple plans, patterns. or schematics, depending on what type of merchant you are checking. I've gotten most of my tailoring patterns this way. If you ever wanted to one up the guy you could do this yourself and sell em at a few silver below his cost. =PP
  2. Rebma

    Nu trul heer!

    ferget dat, mi fownd stiki lyst in da fire pitt. mi lern tu tawk orc now.
  3. Mi wan sey hey tu da clan, but mi no tawk orc so gud yet. Uglutz sey der r lyst uf orc werds. Weyr I fynd lyst? I luk im forumz. I no si it. I r Esche. I r nu trul tu da clan. I r lytl trul now. Sum dey I be byg trul. Byg lyk u r. Fer now I r hapi tu be im clan. I wan sey hey tu mi oomies. Tank fer clompin wit mi. >;] Esche (not that I even know what an "oomie" or a "clompin" is yet...where's this master word list?) P.S- don't rate my language skills, it was a first attempt.
  4. Rebma

    Matrix 3

    Matrix 3 went the way of the Batman series of movies IMO. The first one was great but in sequals they start to push the limits with the special effects because they know they can't top the first one, so scenes become more and more far-fetched and unrealistic basically. Like the whole drawn out fight scene between Neo and Smith at the end of 3...it was one of those "oh brother give me a break" kinda things.
  5. Yes as Synth said we both have them, and I hate mine so much I want to stick it behind my truck tire, shift into reverse, and repeat the process oh.. 50 or 60 times. The new ones do look tempting, but I have had so many probs with the old version I'm skeptical. New keyboard would be yummy tho...Have an ancient HP keyboard with a broken space bar right now...good X-mas idea *hint hint Synth*
  6. Rebma

    Matrix 3

    Good point BAlandar, I always overlook the main forum...anyhow, from a male perspective I guess I could see the interest...death, destruction....but I was so enthralled in #'s 1 & 2 with the whole ongoing Trinity Neo love story (*sigh* *swoon*) that here I'm thinking oh in #3 they just have to save Zion and make pretty lil babies and live happily ever after. (OMG my parents read me tooo many fairy tales as a kid)
  7. Rebma

    Matrix 3

    Yeah but being FEMALE, I was all about the love story. Hello! Can anyone see where I was emotionally ripped off there? So, so sad
  8. Rebma

    Matrix 3

    Synth and I went to see the Matrix 3 tonight. What A big, steaming, smooshy load of disappoinment. I've been emotionally robbed! I'm all IRL....now we're going to see Pirates of the Caribean again cause I want a happy ending love story!!!!!!!!*sigh* I'm so distraught. I'm going to go cry in my turkey leftovers now. Oh and note to Synth: *hello* DEAD! he was not unconscious, he was dead I tell you!!!!
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