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  1. I'm doing great! Recently bought a new house and new car, so I'm happy (and poor hehe). I committed to a year of WoW by signing up for some promotion that allowed me to get Diablo 3 for free and a fancy flying mount. I'm still raiding there Tues-Thurs. Then I've been playing EQ on the weekends haha. I can't believe I got re-addicted to EQ. I'll be checking out Diablo 3 whenever it comes out, but I probably won't be getting into any other MMORPGs, at least not until I can cancel WoW! It's so great coming back here and remembering so many great times in games and on the forums.
  2. Well I found out recently that EverQuest is free and as soon as I logged into my old account for the first time in 5 years, all the old memories came rushing back. Of course none of those memories would be complete without a trip back to T.H.E.! I'm so glad you all have kept all the old EQ Forums. I can't believe I came to T.H.E. almost 10 years ago! Anyway, just wanted to say hi and see if any of the familiar faces are still around P.S. - the website still looks awesome!
  3. Academy (was thinking Star Trek & Star Wars hehe)
  4. Altarial

    Guild Wars

    My coworker plays it and even downloaded it onto one of the computers here haha. Not my cup of tea, though. Not really into PvP.
  5. Hehe just fragged you and rezzed you :)

  6. Wow some awesome shots. I especially liked this one:
  7. Come on over to EQ and I'll find something for you all to talk about
  8. !! /gives 33 spankings
  9. like he has any control over me!

  10. Haha I just attacked you with a bat and killed myself!

  11. Hehe gonna see if I can rez you, but I'm dead, so might not be able to haha.

  12. That's my, um, bf
  13. We will have 3 guildmasters eventually. I am one and my bf is one, but he isn't registered here yet. I'm gonna set it all up first
  14. Why am I a Pleb, omg! Need to make new groups ASAP! Next task is to get Bal to play EQ now
  15. Coming back to the Honor Empire and bringing my new EQ guild with me Just left my previous one and the only place I could think of to create a new online home would be THE! I am not the leader, but I am 1 of the leaders and I'll be the webmistress Just wanting to say hi and connect with old friends here
  16. Yay! Happy Birthday to 2 of my favorite guys!!!!
  17. http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/south-park/wo...sode-205493.php
  18. I play games! Look at all my hours! But I always have time for poking.... er I mean Facebook!
  19. Haha, I know what it is! But not gonna give it away. Doesn't anyone else post here anymore!!!??!
  20. What a pickle of a predicament... or is it your pickle is in an predicament? hmmmm... *ponders*
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