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  1. Ok it looks like the times & days are going to be Thursday 8pm till 11pm and Sunday 6 till 9. Still looking for a few DPS. let me know if you want to join us & our fun filled raid!!! It's going to be BIG fun!!!! Lots in store for us
  2. Hey all!!!! I am looking to start raiding & looking for others who want to do the same. I have not chose the nights that I want to do this yet but please send me a message either here or in game. I'm hoping to start maybe in March. I am not sure if I am wanting to tank , dps, or heal. So if you interested please let me know times & days you are avail. THANKS!!!!!!!!!! Am looking forward to doing this soon
  3. What do they need? What do they use ts or vent?
  4. I WANNA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well since football season has started teph is going to stop I guess with this group. However I would like to continue raiding on Sunday. If you'd like to join me please send me an in game mail or let me know when I am on. Like to keep the same time 3-6 server time. Also anyone that is currently in the group let me know if you'd also like to continue.
  6. That's too bad, and I hope blizzard restores everything soon, you will be missed in the mean time. oh noes! $10 worth of authenticator buys you a lot of peace of mind... Well I can say i did order my authenticater. But I still am playing on that low lvl shammy i made "sezzert" i do believe the name is lol. But as soon as I get my ###### back you better believe i will be ready to /roll (macro made)
  7. Hello everyone!!!! Due to my account being hacked I am not sure when i will be raiding with you all They tell me it will takes days or weeks so on that note my toons have all been deleted by this person & I was reported for spamming. hopefully this was on other realms. I will let you know when i will be back GEARED up all back in workingorder and ready to ROLL!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU ALL SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E
  8. Well as I will keep you posted. my grandfather did die this morning. I will not be at raid on Tuesday. Thursday will be questionable due to they pulled the plug on my aunt (she had cancer) and now we are waiting for her to die so I will have a double funeral to go to in West Virginia. I will miss you all and good luck to you!!!! The person that will know if I will not be there is Teph. So if you want or need more updates you can ask him. Real life just kinda sucks for me at this time. See you all later, Evila
  9. Hey all!!!!! Unfortunatly I have a family energency I have to attend to tonite......therefore I will not be there. Sorry and I may be having to travel next week I am not sure. My gramps is not doing well but i will keep you posted as much as possible.
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