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  1. Nice! I haven't been keeping up with WoW news. Anything new and exciting that could suck me back in in this expansion?
  2. Are we raiding tomorrow? Just double checking since Diablo 3 is coming out and I forget what was said.
  3. My mouse if hovering over the button... maybe next month.
  4. Nice! Now where's my beta invite...
  5. Alright, you got me... I work for the Bioware arts department.
  6. Other than the funky taunt mechanic (which, unless stated otherwise by BioWare, reads like a bug to me) this all seems pretty standard (compared to WoW). Still a good read for those interested in game mechanics.
  7. Don't count on my being there on Thursday as well.
  8. For the game, assuming you start out stacked on the right: right -> middle: RMRLMLRMLRLMRM middle -> right: MRMLRLMRLMLRMR
  9. Ascoli


    Hmm, sounds familiar but I don't remember how I might have fixed it... Did you try bypassing the launcher and running the executable directly?
  10. I wouldn't worry too much about this. I expect I'll pick up whatever people need as I go along. I've been saving up tokens specifically for this. If you need specifics, I am starting off with: str, int, agi, stam, str+mastery, mastery+stam, parry+stam, and then whatever people request (I've got enough for 30some gems so that should cover most of the useful gems).
  11. So I'm looking at a big server list for this weekend. Which server did you all decide to test on?
  12. Since finding a healer to work on heroic Shannox isn't easy I was thinking we could just pick up a dps to kill the other bosses (BH, Beth, Ryo, Alys, Baleroc) and leave heroic Shannox, Majordomo and Rags for Thursday. We'd probably have two short evenings, but better than skipping the heroic Shannox practice? Either that or we forget the heroic and just squeeze everything in on Thursday...
  13. I forgot to mention I would most likely be late on Tuesday (the 11th). Don't wait for me to get started.
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