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  1. Did you make your own bot just to wish people happy birthday?


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      Haha, that bot has been around for a long time. It's funny that you mention it, I've had others say it's one of the few sites that still sends it out year after year :)

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      Kate Hawkings / "Qu" aka Quin Tessence / Zoey Hawkings <3

  3. Well I logged in and was really surprised to see so many people playing UO. I had a little bit of a chat with Borg and was made aware of https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com Lord British making a new game. Hopefully if you guys in UO wont have the game shut down around you, but it would be totally awesome to get everyone in. I've already spotted SinDee and Charlie on Shroud forms
  4. Kang

    Darkfall Online

    I joined the honor community threw PGoH In ultima online. I wanted to post here to see if I could provoke a response from any interested parties who may be looking for a new MMO. For over two months I have been playing http://www.darkfallonline.com/ The game itself has been given hundreds of mix reviews. I first of all wanted to ask if anyone in the honor empire was playing Darkfall Online? Second I wanted to state my opinion of the game. After two months of playing I can neither say its a great game. We have been playing a pay beta under the guse of a final game. The AV Dev team has been making massive patches biweekly to enhance the game by leaps and bounds. I would suggest everyone tries this game for no less then two weeks. The first week you will HATE this game this is perfectly normal as its a massive jump any experience. The game world is like 26x2 Kilometers so it literally takes you hours to travel around. The PvP is something straight out of Oblivion but hat a slightly faster pace. If your a fan of a MMO that offers you a chance to bond as a clan and work together to acheive things that are IMPOSSIBLE to get alone. If your a fan of open seamless worlds and open pvp... and original pre Trammel uo style open looting. This game my friends will blow you away. I watched many videos on You Tube to learn the basics behind Darkfall before I started test playing. & If this video has interest you at all I need to get to my third point for posting. When I joined Darkfall the first thing I learned is that you need to stick with a clan almost all the time if you really want to succeed. I meet with Order of The Blade and honor based Clan that I would like to plan negotiate a merge or at least a co-op effort to work together amongst the Honor Empire. I ask that anyone interested in meeting The Order oft he Blade visit their web site http://ootb.guildlaunch.com/ One thing I would like to say about Order of the Blade is that we plan to move it to the American Server in July. Until then anyone playing Darkfall before July 2009 will only have the European server.. DO NOT let this stop you from trying out Darkfall, this game has EPIC moments during seiges, it requires patience and diligence that I guarantee most under the age of 21 will not be able to display I don't want to seem like I'm just ranting for this game, it has flaws, but its also the only MMO that forces a player to consider RL morality. When you get killed and looted it will challenge you too "want" to keep playing. And if you do and if you band together and defeat those people that wrong you, you will be rewarded in ways no other mmo will let you experience. To start playing Darkfall you need to first set up an account - https://www.darkfallonline.com/accounts/f/default.php (this link up above is down; temporarily being worked on, I will post an update if the link is changed) Then download he torrent - http://www.eu1.darkfallonline.com/dl/DarkfallFull/ Professional Reviews - http://vault.ign.com/View.php?view=editori...tail&id=225 Again Order of The Blade (OoTB) Is looking for members and/or to work in a co-op effort in Darkfall with The Honor Empire, please seek us out and tell them "Omin" sent you. http://ootb.guildlaunch.com/forums/index.php?gid=78855 We are a light role playing clan as Darkfall supports limited, but creative role play opportunities. We are also a mature clan that require the use of Vent. The price to play Darkfall is roughly 50$ for the game download it comes with a free month of game play. The price for a month is up to 14$ and is less if you pay for months in advanced. I promise if you are a active gamer who enjoyes pvp and clan based activities you will not be disappointed in trying this game. You get 1 character per account on each server, we only have one server but plan to open more as AV starts to market. OoTB will be moving to the New American Server that is estimated to open early July. Strength and Honor - Also my main goal is to trick Borg into leaving WoW so with his amazing leadership skills and Stas Blades political savvy we can create a self sustaining empire in Darkfall that will crush the people who have no honor and jump from alliance to alliance to zerg smaller noble hard working clans.
  5. I wanted to post something for PGoH to let them know I have been planning to leave UO. As some may now I pay for four accounts including one of Keiko's. I have devised a small contingency plan for withdrawing from the game world as to not leave open any holes or confusion like everyone witnessed during the 2004 WoW fiasco. 1. Trade off my Olympus houses to other guild mates (Complete) 2. Run out dummy account 6 month payment (Will Completed on May 5th) 3. Elect a replacement mmo. The reason behind switching is not so simple. I don't see myself as a great role player, and personally don't enjoy being in character for very long. My interest in UO was highly based on the prospect of forward momentum, however development on UO is sadly coming to a grinding halt. I highly intend to review the SA client, but one must not wait for good things to come, one must seek out or pursue what makes one happy. I know logically that there is no difference between playing UO and being happy or playing any other game and being happy. I have come to a conclusion that the mysteries of UO have all been revealed to me or have succeeded in eluding me. 4. Prepare for storage and distribution of excessive items 5. Withdraw all characters from guilds 6. Close of excessive accounts allowing one remaining account 7. Inspect SA client for future inert interests 8. If interesting in future fail to bring me back then last account will be severed As always those wishing to contact me may reach me by ICQ or vent, please icq for vent information I will alert everyone before i am quitting, or no longer active. This plan will not be into full effect until after I have more information
  6. Dot Dropping off Resources that soon went missing early this March This was a test to see if i can finally post pictures, also a friendly reminder/ cry of outrage, Keiko/Dot and a few other members spent nearly 3 hours collecting resources and had nothing to show for them within a few days because some anonymous member(s) took them without letting anyone know. If we are to act like a "family" I would expect someone to come forward with an apologies otherwise the damage has been done and actions have been taken to prevent this from happening again I hope
  7. Of course don't forget your horse or you might not catch Scarsty, he sure runs fast! *grins*
  8. Mmm experimentation whahahaha Does this mean Eban is going to share his wacky tabacy with us!? Alright here is my impute concerning pvp... 1. The most important thing you learn is surviving no matter what. 2. Resource management, having both Macros and potions well prepared in advanced its a must 3. Exploration, knowing your turrian gives you a massive advantage at predicting where people might run in open conflicts. 4. Deadly Arts, being dead is not fun but knowing when and where to regroup well in advanced is good intel. 5. Conflict Resolution, always stick to the team leader like glue and listen for him to call out possible targets. pvp guilds that use the zerg and gank tactics are very flawed as the fastest most skilled players will chase a targets separating them from the main group. Setting up choke points, ambushes and hard points can make your day. I know we may not be planning on taking back fel or anything but self preservation is a human right. If you cant be confident in your ability to escape massive danger you will spend all your days playing in a soap box missing out on on what ever you haven't discovered. Edit: Also women should not pvp, most just make me look bad
  9. *Event Canceled* The time had soon come, but little sign of resistance had surfaced by the efforts of a few pirates. The captain of the Maritime Guild had been assassinated as some reports stated. The ships where lost, the fishermen were missing. The collective in cove had disbanded. A single fisher set out on a mission to steal.... er to catch all the fish in Trinsic Bay in hopes that the plan would not come to an end.
  10. Ill be inclined to follow this rule a lot more on KR with the instant suit changing macro. However I question, why? If not for pvp balance witch many claim is so important. If not for a better aesthetic value If not to show other people we are not flashy half rp guild Then I ask why, for all these answers true as they be have a falseness about them. That crosses a culture borderline that separates Catskills tradition and Overstrict Europa RP, and we all know how well that worked out for Europa I don't wish to troll the discussions of others, but I would hope some of us would come to a realization that every RP step forward is two OOC steps back and without the ooc relationships RP will fail to exist. I advise that change no matter how swift must not be met with the slightest resistance until everyone has a greater understanding. (In English It be nice to know that this custom is attempted to be adopted by the influence of a Europa Denizen that is now member of PGoH) But If I'm wrong about any of this someone let me know please
  11. I occasionally don't use guild tags on Qu at Idocs for obvious reasons of not drawing unneeded attention to the guild.
  12. *Updates* -Will be asking for anyone able to donate BOD for weapons 10s, 15s, 20s, ( prefer "normal" BODS) Starting Sunday - Attention fishers start saving up the nets we will be having a toss up Not sure When Bards Night Is but this event could be held a day before to "Bards Night on The Beach" at Pikes HQ -Starting Dates: February Wed. 26th 9:00PM EST - (United Pirates Base) - Introduction to Festival, Proposal Reenactment, (Possible Sea Battle) February Thur. 27th 4:00PM EST (Location Zento Bank) - Part 1 BoD Scavenger hunt, "Fish Day Festival Rounds" 9:00PM EST (Location GaleHaven) - Part 2 BoD Scavenger Hunt, "Fish Day Festival Net Drops" February Fri. 28th 4:00PM EST (Location Hidden)- Part 3 (This Part Is Closed To Anyone That Did Not Finish a Scavenger Hunt) 9:00PM EST (United Pirates Base) - Concussion to Festival, (Possible Bards Night) or (PvP Tournament) - Details (to avoid some forms of cheating not all information is present at this time) Day 1 - Meeting at Jolly Roger with Hostess Kaochin (RFP) There will be drinks gambling of the sorts and Kaochin will explain her unrully plan to any sea dogs with ears that ant deaf. please allow 10min to pass before and deep seeded conversations. (Estimated time 20-30min) If we have a sea battle... A boat will be staged with Explosives outside that Kaochin arrives in... steal it and chase down any guardian Scouts that happen to over hear the alternative plans. The Scout will accidentally flee West and be forced into stealing a slow moving ship. After firing a signal flare the Guardians Naval force will begin to jump into affirmative action with their sites set dead on the Pirates Bay. Before you attack the scout the boat is trapped for 10 minuets on a coral. Every boat that enters must keep their planks unlocked and their decks clear of obstructions. We are using GM armor only and unlimited resurrections On Shore Only Only attack Enemy forces on screen near the Scouts warship If you successfully block the ship up before it becomes free from the corral reef you may claim the ship as a prize but the scout must walk the plank to their doom. Also the Scout Ship will be using the slow forward feature and move along the shore line and will emote something like *The Ship Has Snagged Some Corral Reefs* If the scout makes it to the Olympus Shores the guardians claim victory. Day 2 - Kang (PGoH) will be meeting the craftsmen and fishers in Zento to explain the *Fish Day Festival* posters that will be found. He will mention looking for BoD orders that went messing and the rest of the evening is a bit of a surprise. Once you locate the BoD weapon orders and complete them by crafting or buying the needed weapons you will be given a rune to the next meeting location the next day (Time limit 1 Hour, IF you loose track of time please meet us later that day at Trinsic Docks 9:00PM EST or give your BoD orders to a member of PGoH in a bag with a book that has your character name) Meeting at Galehaven fishers and aventures alike will find our Bay has been placed in a slight blockade. These ships will protect our fishermen from drifting too far off course. The entire bay will have a bit of activity as a cruse ship will be circling the bay dropping fishing nets. The pirates and anyone willing to help are invited to protect the fleets or try your luck fishing, but 60 skill is needed to fish in deep waters. The collection will be open after 1 hour or until we drop the last of the nets. Also more bods will be found hidden in Trinsic (pray that we don't have an invasion or it may get very interesting!) Day 3 - The hidden event is open to anyone who finish at least one of the BoD scavenger hunts. You will be given a rune to the secret meeting location where we shall wait for 15 minutes before heading to the final destination. Expect more fishing! (as if you haunt had enough already) The concussion to the event will be the weigh in (every 100 fish is 1 point, big fish = 1 point per 10 pounds, biggest fish wins you 25 points, 1 point for every 25 blue scales. Earn 100 points to get a prize, the person with the most points will claim a grand prize followed by a 2nd and 3rd place) If perfectly fine to buy fish and turn them in they cost 3gp each, however its not about winning anything. We are just doing it for the sake of fun and to see how much we can accomplish, our goal is an insane 800,000 fish level. This Event Or Collection Is not over until we reach our goal for the Grand Prize Will be 800,000 library points in addiction to other blessings after the event is over please allow two or three days for the fish to be tallied if you happen to win. For the concussion we will meet back at The Pirates beach head and listen to a story by the former Bards Night Champion Herself Kate Hawkings, (This could/may lead into an entire Bards Night event if possible) Lucky Kate is no longer eligible for Bards Night as she is too freaking amazing and was banned from competition. (These Dates Are Not in Stone but After Approval Will be) >>> The Conclusion to "A Pirates Proposal" After Kaochin the Wise had explained her bosses delicate yet strangely amazing plans! She set off in search of Hawkeye and the United Pirates to possible help secure the second part of the plain that detailed Kaochin not utter a word of it to any of the guardians especially the "orange sassy one" And so with a swig of citer, Kao boarded one of the distant Warships and departed for the pirates bay. Her plan was simple, she would explain the ordeal with Casca and the resistance. But what the guardians didnt know, was that the pirates where already part of a resistance of a sort, for they always tended to "resist arrest" A smile curled over Kaochins lip, she knew fellow pirates had no choice. Rather they couldn't resist, but to line their pockets when opportunity stuck. And this was a great chance to take over Trinsic. The citizens respected the Guardians and with the invasions of late had lost their trust in them. Arming the citizens was only the first step. Framing the guardians for massacre of innocent people in the terms of friendly fire would be a challenge best left for another time. The wheels had been set in motion, what seemed like a harmless festival may some day lead one of the greatest military assaults on Britannia soil since the days on Minax.
  13. I had compassion to like the 4th bar on Qu once but, it drops like 5% or 10% a day and i just don't have the patience to build it up.
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