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  1. Did you make your own bot just to wish people happy birthday?


    1. Balandar


      Haha, that bot has been around for a long time. It's funny that you mention it, I've had others say it's one of the few sites that still sends it out year after year :)

  2. TGN%20Rise%20of%20Agon_001_zpsghnljcsr.j

    1. Kang


      Kate Hawkings / "Qu" aka Quin Tessence / Zoey Hawkings <3

  3. Well I logged in and was really surprised to see so many people playing UO. I had a little bit of a chat with Borg and was made aware of https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com Lord British making a new game. Hopefully if you guys in UO wont have the game shut down around you, but it would be totally awesome to get everyone in. I've already spotted SinDee and Charlie on Shroud forms
  4. Kang

    Darkfall Online

    I joined the honor community threw PGoH In ultima online. I wanted to post here to see if I could provoke a response from any interested parties who may be looking for a new MMO. For over two months I have been playing http://www.darkfallonline.com/ The game itself has been given hundreds of mix reviews. I first of all wanted to ask if anyone in the honor empire was playing Darkfall Online? Second I wanted to state my opinion of the game. After two months of playing I can neither say its a great game. We have been playing a pay beta under the guse of a final game. The AV Dev team has been m
  5. I wanted to post something for PGoH to let them know I have been planning to leave UO. As some may now I pay for four accounts including one of Keiko's. I have devised a small contingency plan for withdrawing from the game world as to not leave open any holes or confusion like everyone witnessed during the 2004 WoW fiasco. 1. Trade off my Olympus houses to other guild mates (Complete) 2. Run out dummy account 6 month payment (Will Completed on May 5th) 3. Elect a replacement mmo. The reason behind switching is not so simple. I don't see myself as a great role player, and personally don't
  6. Dot Dropping off Resources that soon went missing early this March This was a test to see if i can finally post pictures, also a friendly reminder/ cry of outrage, Keiko/Dot and a few other members spent nearly 3 hours collecting resources and had nothing to show for them within a few days because some anonymous member(s) took them without letting anyone know. If we are to act like a "family" I would expect someone to come forward with an apologies otherwise the damage has been done and actions have been taken to prevent this from happening again I hope
  7. Of course don't forget your horse or you might not catch Scarsty, he sure runs fast! *grins*
  8. Mmm experimentation whahahaha Does this mean Eban is going to share his wacky tabacy with us!? Alright here is my impute concerning pvp... 1. The most important thing you learn is surviving no matter what. 2. Resource management, having both Macros and potions well prepared in advanced its a must 3. Exploration, knowing your turrian gives you a massive advantage at predicting where people might run in open conflicts. 4. Deadly Arts, being dead is not fun but knowing when and where to regroup well in advanced is good intel. 5. Conflict Resolution, always stick to the team leader like glu
  9. *Event Canceled* The time had soon come, but little sign of resistance had surfaced by the efforts of a few pirates. The captain of the Maritime Guild had been assassinated as some reports stated. The ships where lost, the fishermen were missing. The collective in cove had disbanded. A single fisher set out on a mission to steal.... er to catch all the fish in Trinsic Bay in hopes that the plan would not come to an end.
  10. Ill be inclined to follow this rule a lot more on KR with the instant suit changing macro. However I question, why? If not for pvp balance witch many claim is so important. If not for a better aesthetic value If not to show other people we are not flashy half rp guild Then I ask why, for all these answers true as they be have a falseness about them. That crosses a culture borderline that separates Catskills tradition and Overstrict Europa RP, and we all know how well that worked out for Europa I don't wish to troll the discussions of others, but I would hope some of us would come to a r
  11. I occasionally don't use guild tags on Qu at Idocs for obvious reasons of not drawing unneeded attention to the guild.
  12. *Updates* -Will be asking for anyone able to donate BOD for weapons 10s, 15s, 20s, ( prefer "normal" BODS) Starting Sunday - Attention fishers start saving up the nets we will be having a toss up Not sure When Bards Night Is but this event could be held a day before to "Bards Night on The Beach" at Pikes HQ -Starting Dates: February Wed. 26th 9:00PM EST - (United Pirates Base) - Introduction to Festival, Proposal Reenactment, (Possible Sea Battle) February Thur. 27th 4:00PM EST (Location Zento Bank) - Part 1 BoD Scavenger hunt, "Fish Day Festival Rounds"
  13. I had compassion to like the 4th bar on Qu once but, it drops like 5% or 10% a day and i just don't have the patience to build it up.
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