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  1. I've been in the beta for about 2 months now but haven't had much time to play in this build much yet
  2. Well I have a background idea that may go along with the name vigilance. We could be a secret branch of the sith military created by the emperor who's purpose is to watch over the Sith hierarchy and keep the empire from destroying itself. Or something along those lines just throwing some ideas out there to get things rolling And good to see you syban been a long time
  3. Just got in the beta now also waiting for it to patch right now
  4. Now that all the classes have been revealed what class will you guys play as? I'm thinking i'll play a Sith warrior or Jedi Knight depending on what side we choose.
  5. well i did read that you could do that. You could even make a Sith that ends up turning to the light side. Im not sure to what extent it would be tho
  6. Oh yea this trailer makes me want to go Sith so i vote we go Sith!
  7. http://www.swtor.com/media/trailers/deceived-cinematic-trailer Makes me wanna play this game even more.
  8. Hey everyone Kiiri here not sure if anyone will remeber me but i'm doin good and hope to see you all in TOR
  9. Well that video makes me even more excited to see the final result it looks great to me
  10. Im all for goin Sith always wanted to be a Sith in Galaxies but never really got to be one now my dream of sithdom can come true! I agree that we need to choose a theme first then a guild name would be much easier to think up. You know me I would choose a special forces military type theme. Like we are the best of the best of the Sith forces when a job seems impossible and it seems like it's suicide then they call on us to get it done. But i know not everyone is as blood thristy as me so we could always make an inner guild thing for that purpose like we did with the Secra rangers in the ITC. But it will be hard until we get some further information about the classes and what not Just thought i'd put in my 2 cents Hope to see all my ITC comrades soon in the old republic
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