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  1. Hi Lesedi here. I want to thank the guild for the time I spent here, but feel it is time to move on. I will miss you, I have made many friends, but I want to raid, and do not find it here. I also miss my better half. Thanks for everything, may your travels find the wind at your back. Good luck all, bye *waves and bows
  2. Yeah baby, good job everyone
  3. We will miss you Tonac, Take care. I totally understand, I left WoW for a year and have been back about a year and a half, I am also thinking it may be time to leave for a bit, enjoy life out there, you will be missed Lesedi
  4. Lesedi

    WoW Scumbags

    Hahah that is funny, I would pay to see that. But on a somber note, it is sad that people think nothing of invading other people's accounts. I am happy they didnt get anything changed or do anything to your toons, and that we will see YOU in game take care. Lesedi
  5. Take care Xeno, and Merry Christmas, I know you will be back Lesedi
  6. I think I died a little on the inside o_o; No snow for us still....this morning we got pelted with frozen rain, which is turning into mush on the already slippery roads. Ugh... Yeah, right his wings *big grin
  7. Ha haha, oh my, he must be freezin his....off Lesedi
  8. Im in Finally, I can post Lesedi
  9. I was honored to be amongst you all last night in Karazhan. It was my second time there and first time through completely, I only made it to the Maiden the first time, so it was quite fun. I had a bit of a challenge in the chess game area, my brain doesn't work when it comes to games like that, but otherwise was a totally awesome experience, thank you for letting me join. I will get better !! Lesedi
  10. There you are.. :D

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