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  1. Hello guildmates new and old. I was wondering if anyone who is of officer level on the Bloodsail Buccaneers Classic WoW server could come and promote my warrior Danzug to Member so that he can invite some of my characters on my main account. <3 No rush or anything :) Be safe everyone! <3 Chrys
  2. The Goretusk Nomad drove her war horse at full gallop, the world around her a blur. She had pondered this moment for what seemed like ages. Wandering the wastes of the Outlands, climbing to heights of Karazan, fighting along side her new brethren. None of these things had dulled her regret of the past. How would she feel when she saw the old camp again? It had been well over a year since she had been back to this part of the world. As she approached the camp she saw the familiar bon-fires raging and the Skullcrusher banner flying, as always, with great pride. She stopped at the outer gate, many postings of battles fought and won, internal politics, and advertisements were tacked to the message board. The smell of gun powder and ale hung heavy in the air. A feeling of melancholy swelled up inside her that she had not felt in many months. "I forgot what it felt like to be in this place." She whispered to herself. "How could I have left?" She took a deep breath and entered the gate, nodding to a few unfamiliar faces. "I wonder if any of them will remember me?" she said aloud. With that she slowly rode deeper into camp, looking for the Warchief.
  3. Chrysalia


    I noticed on the Raid signups that BWL is going to be packaged with the Friday Core run. So if you cant get in the friday MC your SoL? Is that a correct statement or not?
  4. Yeah so you may or may not have noticed my absence, but I'm at almost 6 days without power and counting. Western New York got pumeled with a wet snow storm that took out roughly 300,000 electric customers here. Finally we have power at work again, so I can check in. Lots of work to do, I'll catch up on guild happenings later. Hope to see you all soon. I hope nothing too good gets deleted from my mailbox
  5. Chrysalia

    Winter Squid

    Yeah, Friday on my other server (AD was giving me lag grief again) I fished a ton up off the docks in Hinterlands.
  6. The Argent Dawn server hates me. I cant connect for longer than 5 minutes before my latency goes to 3000+ms, really weird becuase other servers are fine. Anyway, I'll try every day to connect, but I'm gonna refrian from signing up for raids until it goes away. I'll miss you guys. I Hope it goes away when they're done with the upgrades to the other servers. BTW Ive tried everything aside from reinstalling WoW from scratch. Deleted all my mods, no dice. Reset my IP address with my cable provider, de nada. I run speed tests on my line, Im gettin 2+ mbps, and 0% packet loss. and like I said, I can log on to most other servers (medium to low pop) without a problem. I'll watch the TS boards, I saw other people posting the same problems with other servers. Maybe its an issue with specific hardware (client side) on high pop servers. 'Gud klompin crushas meh wull mees yuhs.
  7. I also do not want to discourage pugs or newcomers to the guild to attend, but I would like to give the regulars some piece of mind. I do think that there is a way for us to manage how the loot is distributed so that no one person, who happens to have lucky dice, can consistantly win.
  8. Yes, I opened this discussion. However those that know me know I am not a loot monger. I dont really roll on items often. However IMO spell upgrades are important, not vanity items, they give you an edge in PvP over other members of your class that do not have them, and to lose one to a /random kind of aggravated me this weekend. So rather than whisper whisper whisper, I decided to bring it out into the open. I have nothing to hide. If you decide that DKP is not the answer then we need to figure something out. I dont mind losing a spell upgrade once, but if it starts happening on a regular basis, where me, as one of two mages on the run keeps losing spell upgrades consistantly (if they even decide to drop), I will be extremely dissastisfied. I love to see people get stuff too, but I also like to get something once in a while. Like I said, it's not this one specific instance, it just made me think about the future of this raid, since we have many weeks left before we'll be close to done, I'd like to know that Im not going to end up waiting for scraps. I dont have a problem managing DKP either, I have my own webhost, I can setup and manage it, handling disutes etc etc, if that is the sticking point.
  9. Yeah, oddly enough I feel a stronger connection to Steve Irwin than Christopher Reeve. Now, seeing him on Animal Planet is oddly surreal, its hard to comprehend that hes actually dead. Such a freakish way to go too, I thought for sure hed get eaten by a shark or something.
  10. Playing Devils advocate here. I want to see this raid go zero sum. In the weeks weve done this, I have seen no mage books drop save for last night, Fireball finally dropped. I lost the dice roll, fair enough. Now next week what happens if Frostbolt drops and again I lose it to the random number generator. Doesnt really make the raid worth my while does it? Discuss.
  11. Chrysalia


    Yeah good to hear he's ok man, kind of took the steam out of the raid, I couldnt really focus very well after hearing your normally calm serene voice, change to one of fear and uncertainty. Raiding did'nt seem as important anymore.
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