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Bye Meiff, We'll miss ya!


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As you all know by now, Meifftor has decided to move on to a guild that is able to do things on a much larger scale than our own. Wish ya well Meifftor, and you better keep stopping by the boards too!


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Even tho I have moved on to a diffrent guild does not mean iam a diffrent person. Iam still the same Meifftor just a diffrent tag under my name.

If any of you need help or advice on anything plz send me a tell. I will do my best to help ya whenever I can.

FYI i also made a Troll Priest on one of the new servers ( RP of corse ) Shadow Council. I usally play there in the morning hrs and raid at night with my new guild on Argent Dawn.

I will see ya around and will stop on the boards everyday to keep in contact with ya all. I do a /who Skullcrusher alot during the day so I know when my friends are on.

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When anyone reaches 60 and has the time to do an instance run give me a /tell . We start our raids around 6:30pm est every night. We usally do 2-3 runs a night. We hit places like UBRS, LBRS, Scholo and Strath. Before raid time you can find most of NL members in Southshore clomping the Oomies there. So look me up and come on down for a fun filled night of KILLING everything in sight.

ps. Drops are really good in these places so if you dont try to be greedy and roll on the first upgrade ya see, the guild will usally have no problem giving the rest of the uber drops to you ( would rather see it on someone then have a chanter DE it ) We outfitted my warrior friend in 3 runs so it wont take long to get upgraded with us.

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