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July 2004 Tournament Bracket

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  • 2 weeks later...

This Tournament will be run on


Sorry for all the inconvienence.

ALL participants of JULY will be entered FREE into the AUGUST tournament at the end of August.

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CDE will try our best to be there...mother nature has decided to taunt us with this Hurricane that is out there, Lord Skyhook, Lady Ivanna and Lord Stragen are all in the direct path...if we dont lose power for a few days we shall attend...otherwise we shall see you all on the next round

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After a long awaited battle, m'Lady Ivanna and I squared off in the jousting arena Wednesday night.

Her eyes were strong and sturdy, but not her grip *winks"

*Removes helm and bows from mount*

Job well done, m'Lady Ivanna.

Next was to face my brethern, and guild leader Knight Stragen.

I know his power and how he leans and I used this to my advantage.


I'm humbled by my Clan's growing skills.

Perhaps next time


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Was Wensday , i guess my mind was Shot cause you and Iva were tied

i mean we could have an upset *grins* but alas

as the events unfolded tonight we went in tied 5-5 skyhook vs Ivanna

and the first pass was a parry on each side, then the next brough lady luck for skyhook who won 7-6..

Then came Stragen vs Skyhook, and after the first pass Stragen took two points as he knocked off Skyhook , we were amazed by this Skyhook did manage to nick Stragen so was 2-1 , The battled continued and Stragen, could see the gleem in his eye as he wanted to win so badly, but alas the final Score was Skyhook 6 -Stragen 5

a joust well fought by both,

but to the rest CDE took the Top 3 postions for winning this Month

I hope the rest of you are resting to take them spots next month


Congrats to you 3 you were awesome

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