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Well I logged in and was really surprised to see so many people playing UO. I had a little bit of a chat with Borg and was made aware of https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com Lord British making a new game.

Hopefully if you guys in UO wont have the game shut down around you, but it would be totally awesome to get everyone in. I've already spotted SinDee and Charlie on Shroud forms :D

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Greetings Kang......yes today we secured a Player Owned town and will now begin to upgrade this over time if players wish to help upgrade the town we live in and do so.....optional to players.

We hope many many MANY of the UOers return with some of their kids too in the guild for SoTA......bringing that total goofy big family fun back to all of us.

We will have control of the town, taxes etc...and working with the Jousting system to be a hub for the whole game to visit us for quests etc revolving around the jousting system we are working on with Lord Blackthorn and Lord British.

We have a solid foothold established and Bal and Rumble are maniacs at knowledge as well as Wolf becoming an expert at getting the monthly rares quests in pre alpha days...YES get in now to collect items for your account later when it launches....items not available any other way.

We have so far Borg, Balandar, Wolf, Rumblebore, Piper, Schneider, Jimmer committed to The Honor Empire in SoTA.



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2 hours ago, Doddz said:

Well, it's only been about 13 years since I've been on this forum!

I pledged into Shroud last year but never actually got round to installing it. It's nice to see old faces still around!

Doddz! Wow, welcome back! We are all enjoying SoTA. How are you doing? Playing any games?

P.S. Hopefully you see this reply. I'm not sure if your email is correct on your account (as I was getting bounce backs). Let me know if it's correct and I can update your account.

Look forward to seeing you in game!


Edited by Balandar
Account updated!
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