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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Well, it's only been about 13 years since I've been on this forum! I pledged into Shroud last year but never actually got round to installing it. It's nice to see old faces still around!
  3. Castle Deed was returned by Lora
  4. I can quite honestly say, i Never said that
  5. After being told about your post, and Reading it, thanks for the words charlie, But im not coming back. As you all saw in your meeting last night. Logan had no control over the meeting, As people went to leave he basically pointed the doors to them. It just goes to show, no matter what youve done for the guild, Everybody youve helped, Logan decides when someone crosses Lora, they gotta go. But Logan the Supposed "Emperor", Apparently followed the codex in this matter, Which he didnt, Lora told him what to do and he did it. But C'est la Vie, Heh she even had my post removed so nobody could see it, i mean, Shes even turned into a thief, Im sure everyone remembers Greg saying any mini deeds can be loaned to the guild and to be given back when ask, Welp, Lora has my castle deed, and apparently im not getting it back, Until i hand over the house that she Apparently "Loaned" to me, well, I just remember her giving me a house, and not saying anytihng about loaning it to me, But oh well, if she wants to turn to petty stealing so be it. Long Live Emperor Steel!!, oh wait, Lora made sure that didnt happen too, oh well Tada! Just one last thing, Foir what its worth, Even though Lora and that guy Did a great Double team on me yesterday when i wasnt there to defend myself, After reading some friends logs of the meeting, I can safely say, They did a good job as putting me over as the big bad guy, Even Logan stooped to "Bending" the truth, The only thing i said to Logan, was that he was Loras Puppet, There was no cussing or anything involved in our conversation, Lora however, i probably did call her every name under the sun, but hey? Im the Next Rand arent i?? Now like my last post, it didnt last long. I dont know how long this one will last, But if its anything to do with Lora, then not long at all! Be well all!
  6. I want to get a Jousting contest arranged, first off id need to get it on a night when alot of people are free, Remember sadley Mages and Archers cannot use the UBWS Lances. Anyone whod like to take part gimme some feedback, no point arragning it then 1 person turning up
  7. After hearing news from Striders son, Doddz Waited until the dead of night. He prepared himself, Not taking his usualy battle equipment, he removed the barding from his steeds head and back, leaving only the saddle upon its back. As Doddz was set to leave, He walked into the forgery, The air warm from the burning coals, Doddz moved over to a large polished chest. He opened it slowly, Peered inside and smiled as he pulled out a razor sharp brilliant silver axe. He stepped up and back admiring the axe, he span round in a single move and swang the axe, taking a head clean off a dummy. He put the axe over his back and tied it with a leather strap, emptying himself of everything but his armor, axe, wooden torch and a few spell scroll given to him By Lora de blood to keep him out of trouble. With all this he walked outside and pulled himself onto the saddle of his steed, he slowly started to trot through th streets of Novitus Sanctum, It was so quiet, not even as he rode by Safe haven could he hear a sound from anyone, he signals for his steed to gallop, he races through the streets and throught the city walls, after a mintue or so off riding the grass begins to turn to sand, He knows it wont be long until he reached the Pyramid. After an hour or so riding, he finally catshes a sight of a burning fire, toward it he rides and when he gets closer he see's that people are at that fire, apon arriving at the fire, he also noticed wagons, the people were gypsys, all sat around the fire. Riding past them he noticed they were not saying a word, just staring blankly into the flames, not even acknowleding his presence, He rides on. Finally he reached the pyramid, a bitter cold air surrounds it, he climbs down from his steed and ties him to a rock. The only sound that can be heard as Doddz crept towards the pyramids walls was the sound of a hissing, not often and not loud, just a hissing every now and then. Doddz had heard the reports from his brothers of the terror of this place, but as of yet he'd seen nothing, not even a skull. He climbed the walls, searching for a way in, but nothing. An hour passed, Doddz had been to the top and all around twice but nothing, no entrance could be found. At the top he stood, hands on his hips, looking at the floor, walking slowly but finding nothing. He sits down apon a large rock, As he does so a massive crash as the rock falls through an opening...along with Doddz!!. After the fall Doddz pulled himself to his feet, looking around him, he could see nothing but the moonlight peering in from the opening, He moved his hand to his back and pulled the torch off of the strap, along with a scroll, The words on the scroll were "In Por Ylem"....Nothing, He repeated the words, after a number of attemps from a hands shot a ball of fire onto the torch, lighting it!. Waving the torch around, he was in a strange room, he walked to the walls relighting the already mounted wall torches, he had to to looking for Strider, the reason he came here. Walking around the room he noticed a trap door, opening it and waving the torch down there he saw a ladder, he climbed down the ladder for what seemed like minutes, but must have only been a few seconds. At the bottem he lit a near by wall torch and walked around, this room seemed a lot larger than the first room, walking along to light another torch, he trod on something with a snap, he looked to his feet and there he saw a broken bone on the floor, under his foot. He heard a sound, his hand spun it his axe and he pulled it from the strap, holding the torch up he could see from a set of stairs Skeletons!! Zombies!! walking from the stairs, he through his torch at the stairs and moved in slashing and cutting through anything that came up from the stair case, breaking them to pieces, after a few minutes of countless numbers of them coming form the stairs it stopped, he picked the torch up and walked down the stairs axe ready in hand, he got there and again what seemed like an endless stream was down there, hacking and slashing his way through he got to another room, again seemed to be alot larger, he could see no oncoming threat, he walked to the wall to light a torch, as he went to do so, the torch was knoecked from his hand!!, he swang his axe and heard it hit steel, he backed off, he could see nothing but the burning torch on the floor a few feet away. Again he swang his axe meeting steel, he moved behind the torch quickly, got the outline of a creture wielding a sword and shield, he battled with it cutting the sword from its hands and removing its head, as he backed up another!!, again he fought, as he backed up again another!!, all around him, he had no choice but to get away!!!, he barged his way to the torch he grabbed it and began to run, he ran to another flight of stairs, the creatures were everywhere, Doddz could barely see, as ho got into the next room, he was hit with a tremendous blow, knocking him in the air and to the floor, the torch span and hit what must have been an oil oil lamp, bursting into flames, the flames engulfed the same stairway Doddz had ran down, the odd bandages and tapestries on th wall only aided in the blaze. Doddz pulled himself to hid feet, where did the blow come from??, Doddz stood axe ready, his side in extream pain from the blow, as he span around there it was, a Huge Bear like creature wearing what could only be described as a large crown apon its head, it stood there growling, Doddz ran at the animal and swung, it seemed with lightning speed it dodged his axe and Doddz went piling into the wall, he turned too another swing, the creature aids the axe's swing by hitting it into a column. Doddz tried to pull the axe out but it wouldnt budge, The creatur took another swing for Doddz and he was knocked back again into the wall. The fire was burning at one side of the room and spreading, As doddz looked around dazed, a figure, shot past, almost a ghostley figure, Doddz now bleeding badly from his chest tried to get to his feet only to be hit down once again by the mammoth, Lying there Doddz tried to get up, The creature grabbed his throat and lifted him into the air, It pulled back its huge arms to take the last blow, Doddz saw around the monsters neck a necklace, and on that necklace a large jewel, In the jewel a face....It Was Striders face!, Doddz let out "Strider!". The monster started to swinfg its arm, but in that instance a lout slashing sound, and a monstrous roar, Doddz was dropped to the ground, The arm fell to the ground, blood shooting out, behind the mammoth stood Strider, Half there half not, as a sort of holygram, but not. The monster turned to him and gave out a huge roar, it started to attack Strider, but every attack it made seemed to just pass throush Strider, as if he wasnt really there. Doddz climbed to his feet and grabbed ahold of his axe handle, Strider stood there muttering words to the beast as it relentlassly tried to get ahold of strider, Doddz with one mighty pull ripped the axe from the wall and brought it crashing down on the skull of the beast, taking tis head clean off, crown and all. Doddz fell back to the wall, The fire was very bad now, But Strider was gone, Doddz called out, But he wasnt there, he crawled to the bloodied body of the beast, on the floor he saw the necklace and jewel, He took them, and tried to lie up against the wall, It was no use, The scroll Lora had given him was soaked in his own blood, he was unable to read it. The fire continued to grow and engulf everything, the heat only making Doddz's condition worse, Suddenly as he thought all lost, his left arm began to raise, Suddenly, in a flash of light, Doddz saw 4 Firey legs and a farmilliar voice, A portal was opened and The person jumped from the steed, Just as Doddz's eyes were closing, it Was Lora de blood. Clutching the jewel in his hand, Lora was able to Get Doddz out of the burning pyramid to the safety of Safe Haven inn...
  8. Im Sure you mean, REDS! ATTACK!!
  9. Last night, I took my huge collection of over 800 Weapons, all Power +, And enhaced everylast one of them, I lost about 60% of them but was left with some VERY nice weapons to don my halls of the armory, Anyway, Im now left with around 200 Bows which wont be enhaced , I have no archer, So anyone ones um, just come get them, They are all Great bows including powers, vanqs, virtue and many of these new kind of mods, I need to do this becuase basically The armory is full, or was full until last night on lockdowns, just wanna free myself some breathing space
  10. Aye, Although I joined it a bit late, Steel had everything under control as usual, Good Work mate!
  11. Ahhh, I see, Well, ive not had a macdonalds for a long time, reason is a sick one, may as well share... This one place near us, One day a woman on her way home, went to a drive through, Got a big mac meal, Anyway, she got home, ate half of it was so tired she went to bed, The next day she woke up with her face all swollen, she went and looked in the mirror, Inside her mouth she had big blister type things, she had half the burger left, so took it to get tested, becuase it was the only thing shed eaten before she went to bed, anyhow when the results came back, It turned out, on the Burger they found 3 types of Seamen, And one of them contained Hepititus!!!, Damn nasty!!, Anyway, She informed macdonalds, they offered her 5 million, not to take it to court, She refused, and is Sueing them for like 60 million in damages or something, haha!, and yea so thats why i dont eat anything from macdonalds!!
  12. Dairy Queen?? What the hell is that?, and what are you guys talking about??? ....bloody americans
  13. It doesnt matter where the vote is, People could sitll just wander in and use the ballot box anyway, We chose this way, and i think we should stick to it
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