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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Well, it's only been about 13 years since I've been on this forum! I pledged into Shroud last year but never actually got round to installing it. It's nice to see old faces still around!
  3. Castle Deed was returned by Lora
  4. I can quite honestly say, i Never said that
  5. After being told about your post, and Reading it, thanks for the words charlie, But im not coming back. As you all saw in your meeting last night. Logan had no control over the meeting, As people went to leave he basically pointed the doors to them. It just goes to show, no matter what youve done for the guild, Everybody youve helped, Logan decides when someone crosses Lora, they gotta go. But Logan the Supposed "Emperor", Apparently followed the codex in this matter, Which he didnt, Lora told him what to do and he did it. But C'est la Vie, Heh she even had my post removed so nobody could see
  6. I want to get a Jousting contest arranged, first off id need to get it on a night when alot of people are free, Remember sadley Mages and Archers cannot use the UBWS Lances. Anyone whod like to take part gimme some feedback, no point arragning it then 1 person turning up
  7. After hearing news from Striders son, Doddz Waited until the dead of night. He prepared himself, Not taking his usualy battle equipment, he removed the barding from his steeds head and back, leaving only the saddle upon its back. As Doddz was set to leave, He walked into the forgery, The air warm from the burning coals, Doddz moved over to a large polished chest. He opened it slowly, Peered inside and smiled as he pulled out a razor sharp brilliant silver axe. He stepped up and back admiring the axe, he span round in a single move and swang the axe, taking a head clean off a dummy. He put th
  8. Im Sure you mean, REDS! ATTACK!!
  9. Last night, I took my huge collection of over 800 Weapons, all Power +, And enhaced everylast one of them, I lost about 60% of them but was left with some VERY nice weapons to don my halls of the armory, Anyway, Im now left with around 200 Bows which wont be enhaced , I have no archer, So anyone ones um, just come get them, They are all Great bows including powers, vanqs, virtue and many of these new kind of mods, I need to do this becuase basically The armory is full, or was full until last night on lockdowns, just wanna free myself some breathing space
  10. Aye, Although I joined it a bit late, Steel had everything under control as usual, Good Work mate!
  11. Ahhh, I see, Well, ive not had a macdonalds for a long time, reason is a sick one, may as well share... This one place near us, One day a woman on her way home, went to a drive through, Got a big mac meal, Anyway, she got home, ate half of it was so tired she went to bed, The next day she woke up with her face all swollen, she went and looked in the mirror, Inside her mouth she had big blister type things, she had half the burger left, so took it to get tested, becuase it was the only thing shed eaten before she went to bed, anyhow when the results came back, It turned out, on the Burger they
  12. Dairy Queen?? What the hell is that?, and what are you guys talking about??? ....bloody americans
  13. It doesnt matter where the vote is, People could sitll just wander in and use the ballot box anyway, We chose this way, and i think we should stick to it
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