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    Clan Skullcrusher is a Wolrd of Warcraft Horde guild on the Argent Dawn server. We are among the longest running guilds on the server.(dating back to beta) Clan Skullcrusher is part of The Honor Empire gaming community. Clan Skullcrusher has been built around a simple idea. That is, to make the WoW experience the most fun and entertaining that it can be.

    Message Verissi, Smedlock or Tawahne in game, or send a message to Battletag: crymsonrage#1375.

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    • Hey All, Wanted to let everyone interested know that a few of us have recreated Clan Skullcrusher on the Classic WOW server: Bloodsail Buccaneers. Look us up if your interested. -Gordantell
    • Hi All, long time no see. So, as the title asks, anyone interested in playing on a Vanilla Server? Specifically, this group: https://www.elysium-project.org/. If you were following Wow news in 2016 there was a hugely popular Vanilla server that shut down willingly when Blizzard applied so pressure and then starting having talks with Blizzard about setting up Blizzard supported legacy servers. Those talks didn't bring results so the people combined with another group and that's were i'm playing now. I have re-created Gordantell on the Nostalarius PVE server, and might be making totally new toons on the upcoming, completely fresh, Elysium PVP server. Anyways, if anyone has an interest hit me up here or look for me on the PVE server. Gordantell
    • Hello! I'll be going on a brief sabbatical (til February) so I'll be confining Lexszi to her Garrison until I return. Keep warm, keep happy, and keep questing For the Horde!
    • Hey Huato.  A few of us still play, but we aren't a huge group anymore.  Guilds are pretty meaningless with all the cross-server stuff we have going on now.  I play on Ugz, a warrior.  Add me to your friends list!    
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