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  1. Ug my friends, Me back and ready to continue my training .
  2. Gorock

    This weekend

    I hope to see you soon Wolf. I am eager to see what you have in mind for my sig. Be safe and see you soon.
  3. Gorock hope they ok >:/ . Gorock hope every think went well >:/ .
  4. Gorock


    Hello Wolf, How is it going with my sig? I just thought I would check in sence I haven't bean around. Sarry about that. >:/ I hope every thing is going well and see you soon. Thanks for the help .
  5. Ug, Gorock welcome yu and hope to see yu soon.
  6. Not all play when you play. They may be in a diff. time zone then you or work or go to school when you play. Any thing is posable. >;]
  7. Ug, It would be nice to have 90 day game cards
  8. Yes, see the awards on the roster page too. Medals for trade skill accomplishment, advancement in rank etc. are all likely. Crushers have to drive this, not warchief. Warchief will just be the collection point. Crushers need to use the ingame mail to send Dabus about clan mates to Volonazra. So that, maybe someone who was noticed doing a little something by 1 crusher, actually was individually doing the same for 15 crushers--would deserve a much larger award. In that case, no one crusher would have the full picture, only the clan. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ug Zilog, I will work on some form of rewords. I am thinking of trade rewords for the diff. ranks and skill lvls. I will contact you when I come up with some thing.
  9. Hello, I am sarry I wasn't ingame but it was vary laggy today and tonight. I hope to see you soon my friends.
  10. Ug my friends, When you speak of rewords do you count medles and titles or any thing like that? >??
  11. Ug my friend and mey you get blood all over your blades for your birthday OOC: Happy birthday My friend.
  12. Gorock


    Grats Great Chief
  13. Gorock


    Ug me friends, I was wandering if any of you can make me a nice looking orc Sig. >?? If you can contact me and let me know what you need. Dabu
  14. Ug Great Chief, I am interested in taking some leadership on it. I was an officer of a RPG for quite some tome and I was responsable for recrueting and guild events. If you are willing to put some trust into me I will do whatever you need done to take some of the weght off your shoulders.
  15. Ug great Chief, I figured it out but I will have to wait untill tonight to add my alts. Gorock has bean added though. Thank you for your help.
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