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  1. Thanks Meffio, Was just wondering about the game for now. if I get my promotion, I will be playing. Later all Be safe.
  2. I am a big everquest player (IE: MYSTIC LEGIONS FOR MY HOMIES) But I always wonder where my other guildies are. Where does clan Skullcrusher play? Any way take care and be safe. OR i forgot ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGG !! >??
  3. novawop

    City Of Heroes

    Im in Maga, I tried hinting to you that I made it into Beta. Im on Virtue same bat time same bat channel. I mean using Novawop and same time schedule. see you in game. I also join a small super team: Paragons of Light. Nice group, all are welcome.
  4. novawop

    CoH: Which Server?

    I have novawop on virtue.
  5. Hopefully I can get my Screen name: Novawop on Virtue, if it is up, and I will be there too. 11am MST Give me a yell.
  6. Knights Now Or Terminate. I like it. KNOT i can see it now. Civilian:" Are you in a super group?" Hero: "Sure, I'm knoT" Civilian getting angry: "Ok, be that way, I was just asking" Hero: "KNOT, KNOT, I am in KNOT!" Angry Civilian: "Whatever!" walks away. How about WHO: Wonderful Heroes Optional so then we could represent T.H.E. too. It can be combine as: T.H.E. W.H.O. picture that one : Civilian:"Are you in a supergroup?" Hero:"WHO" Civilian: "You I asked you." Hero: "Yes WHO." Civilian: "You, I am asking if you are in a supergroup?" Anyway. Just some thoughts.
  7. TAG I like that. I started a group in Beta, though I was an army of one(ok 4 but i was the only one online all the time, hmmm) Its was Warriors of Paragon, I did want Warriors of Pez. But that little candy company has Lawyers so. I figured Paragon to be better. Any other suggestions out there?
  8. Well I did it. I deleted my toons from EQ and cancelled My accounts. Even If I wanted to play Eq. I would have to start from scratch playing EQ. No, my new game is City of Heroes.
  9. novawop

    CoH: Which Server?

    If virtue is UP on sunday, I will definity join you guys and apologize for being so wrong.
  10. This is my character and what I am running in the game. Novawop lvl mutant defender rad/energy My ICQ# 4399847 CPU: 1 Gig Athlon Ram: 1 Gig DDR Video: 128 Meg TI4100 4X AGP O/S Wins Xp Pro Connection: Cable Modem copy/pasted from the ncsoft forums at this link: http://www.plaync.com/games/coh.html Minimum System Specifications • Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP • Intel Pentium® III 800 MHz or AMD Athlon 800 MHz • 256 MB RAM • 4X CD-ROM Drive • 2 GB Available HDD Space • GeForce 2 Series or ATI Radeon 8500 Series Video Card • DirectX 9.0 • 16-bit Sound Card • 56k modem • Keyboard and mouse Recommended System Requirements • Windows® 2000/XP • Intel Pentium® 4 1.7 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 1700+ • 512 MB RAM • 16X CD-ROM Drive • 2 GB Available HDD Space • GeForce 5600 or ATI Radeon 9600 Series Video Card • 16-bit Sound Card • Broadband Internet Connection • Keyboard and mouse with wheel The rikti invasion last nite was a blast, aliens everywhere and heroes banded together for the common good. There was so much stuff happening in one zone and the lag was incredible, but the server was still running. not like eq where you max out a zone the server crashes, just alot of lag and I still believe they have not inserted, the second cpu into the blade server they are running.( they were waiting for launch day for that. the server are: IBM BLades. my wife died twice, I died three times and I still had a blast. hope this answered your question Balandar.
  11. novawop

    CoH: Which Server?

    Virtue will not be up till april 28th gang. retail launch date. im going to try one of the pre-launch server like justice. Page 3 here in the Post. see you all later gang.
  12. novawop

    City Of Heroes

    Out of these 8 server: "Justice" "Pinnacle" "Virtue" "Liberty" "Guardian" "Infinity" "Protector" "Victory" "Champion" Only these 4 are going to be up for the 3 day pre launch.: Prime (character names reserved on this server will be saved and accessible on the Freedom server once the 3 Day Head Start begins) Justice Pinnacle Victory (formerly Name Reservation). If you already reserved a name on the Name Reservation server, you don’t need to do so again. Yesterdays news link in COH And I would love to meet some other T.H.E. Personnel and be a part of the team (I Hope). It would be nice if Virtue is up for pre-launch.
  13. novawop

    City Of Heroes

    I will set up Novawop(rad/energy mutant defender) on liberty. What time will you all be playing? And can we not be from magic origins? I have a nice team name to suggest: Warriors of Paragon I hope to group with people from this web site.
  14. novawop

    City Of Heroes

    Soke is right, the costume design are great, I have seen great replicas of the greats. Homer simpson, captain marvel, and my favorite ronald mcdonald. that was the best one yet. I was wonder what kinda power ronald would use to take down the bad guys though.
  15. novawop

    City Of Heroes

    So the count is three on beta, If we do start a supergroup. What server will it be on? My Super Toon is on Primary. I would love to Hang with People that supported my Guild on thier website(Mystic Legions). The Name of the superteam would not matter to Me. Unless its something gross. I have at the time of posting this a lvl 16 Defender Rad/Energy Powers that make me a great asset are: 1. Area effect heal 2. Mutation (a rez power) 3. Recall friend (the ability to teleport your team-mates to your side, even when they are dead/unconscious) 4. Accelerated metabolism (increases attack rate for almost 2.5 minutes) 5. Power bolt and blast 6. Flight and Hover This is just many, many combinations, you can pick from. Did I forget to mention. You have a primary power and secondary. Then after level 6, you can pick from power pools. You can have up to 4 power pools. Dont believe me ask you guild mates they know. Or check out: http://www.cityofheroes.com/ Someone let me know what is happening Please. thanks.
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