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  1. I created this using Comic Book Creator and one of my characters, Nadjia Rhazzka, from Guild Wars.
  2. Oh THANK YOU! I found the program via google (Have you had your Google today? ) *hugs Icuburn*
  3. If any of you wonderful people know of a PC program that allows you to record your voice to the computer (preferrably free version) could ya send me a message? I am needing to make a digital voice-over demo for some casting agents here in town. The program that comes with Windows XP only allows me to record a one minute sound bite. I appreciate all your help! Dawn Marie
  4. HEY MOVIE STAR WHERE YA BEEN?? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Selling video games to tired/confused/frazzled parents and catching up on Lost (season 1 on DVD) *addicted* Where YOU been?
  5. Hey there. Got a fresh copy of Guild Wars today. If any of you play on that MMORPG, feel free to send Nadjia Rhazzka a message.
  6. Hey to all of ya and Happy Thanksgiving. (to those who celebrate it - me, I'm all about the day off gaming and turkey).
  7. I'm going to see it on Thanksgiving Day ... a little tradition, and on Christmas we're watching The Chronicles of Narnia. *excited*
  8. wow! now if the game is really that awesome during play, maybe we'd try it out again. (it was rather boring just after launch, that was a bit ago though)
  9. Not sure, I start there Monday, I'll ask to see what my price is on it. Then, I'll see what I can do *rubs hands together, $$ appear in eyes* Yes, now, Rule of Acquisition number 456 says that all items purchased through me shall come with a profit of say, 2 real life hugs and perhaps a couple of cosmos to drink?
  10. ooOO! I saw myself 6 times last night on the show ... finally! Not just my head either Most of them are right after they show the Coast Guard coming up the bay. The first time is right before Rich and Laura come around the corner and down the stairs ... then you can see me near a tall guy with a camcorder most the time. Way cool! Not gonna be in another Surface for 2 weeks though Aw well. Life is still good.
  11. There's a REALLY good chance I can be seen on TV tonight on Surface. I was in a number of scenes (taking place on a riverwalk during day and night time) and different angles of those scenes. I was wearing a khakigreen sleeveless top, bluejean shorts, white sketchers, small black purse, long hair straight *programs her VCR* So be sure to tune in, even if it's just to see how cute little Nimrod is doing (I SO want a toy of him) at 8pm EST on your local NBC channel (best to check your listings too).
  12. ah, Uber Geek! I likes that alot! Now bow down before me, shower me with gifts and you shall live another day! *coughs* Did I say that out loud? Must remember to keep that voice IN my head.
  13. Gamer bois and gurlz ... I got me a new job today. I get to work amongst all that is holy to me - video games and movies. Yep, I'm a store clerk at the local GameStop. Has this granted me a slight promotion in the Geekdom?
  14. Gamers YMCA has sound so be wary at work
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