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  1. Well last night after doing my school work. I didnt want to go home yet. So i hanged out at Carl's Jr. it's near at house you can always see me there. I ordered a Buffalo Chicken Sanwich, fries and Coke. The fries sucks, the good thing is the Sandwich is delicious. That night I was thinking of where does everybody eat out? do you guys have some favorite fast food hangouts?
  2. A sexy hot chick named Ashley is promoting the Carl's Jr. new Buffalo Chicken burger ad. Here is what I'm talking about: http://www.spicybuffalo.com/carlsjr/ Tasty burgers being promoted by sexy ladies…can't go wrong with that.
  3. I had my lunch at Carl's Jr. last night. Have'nt been to Carl's or any other fast food chain for a long time. I didnt know that they have a lot of new meals on their the menu.. Well I tried thier latest meal, the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. It taste really good especially if you have fries on the side.
  4. Nice graphics! i hope the game is nice too.
  5. Now that is new. I love watching this crazy ###### on WWF, now she’s in real life as a police officer kicking ass in Muncie, I think that would be pretty cool. I’m interested to see her in action on that new TV show where she’s training to be a cop,.I only see Trish as a sexy diva in the wrestling world, I want to see her beating up bad guys with a taser.
  6. Hey for Elvis fans... Look out for the Dec. 11 issue of TV Guide, Elvis is on the cover and they will have a free cd in it. The CD includes the previously unreleased version of Elvis "It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without You", and Elvis music video signing "Blue Christmas".
  7. I'm not sure where to post this one...I happen to discover a new thing on my cellphone. Are you using the T9 mode on your phone in sending text messages? How do you add new words with it?
  8. eggrun_champ

    hot ad!

    Well i got this from my email. I just like to share it here.. I havent posted anything in a while so I hope you will like this one. napstergirl btw this video ad is from napster.
  9. I'd download the game and played the tutorial. Geez there are so many commands that I have to remember, I list the command and uses of some items on MSWord. The community are very friendly and even generous somebody game me a fair amount of ISK. Said that's for me to use in buying some skills to learn.
  10. Hey guys had you seen the new trailer of EVE Online?!? The scenes are dope! Here’s what I’m talking about: EVE Trailer
  11. Im gonna watch the movie... you said it was great?
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