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  1. Thanks Charlie!! thanks for adding me on ICQ also, can't wait t osee your next event....I'm even gonna jump on Catskills and see what characters i have there!!!
  2. I was surifng some information on UOStratics and found some reporters notes on a PGoH event and swelled with pride at the fact that PGoH is still active!!! I almost had a tear when I learned that Kodoz and Charlie are at the helm!! I believe you guys will remember me, at least I hope you do I remember you guys!! I remember our dungeon romps and how Kodoz wouldn't let me get a spell off with his lightning quick weapon mastery!! I feel really proud to have been a part of this guild and even moreso at seeing Kodoz and Charlie rise through the ranks and uphold the Strength and Honor this guild was founded on. After a tumultuous time that saw many veteran members depart, including myself, I have to say I feared that PGoH had seen its last days. Then I come on to stratics and out of the corner of my eye see an article about PGoH hosting an event that , from the article, seemed like a great amount of fun!!! Just an FYI on me, after leaving PGoH, a joined a few other former members on Baja. Both of them became unsatisfied with UO and left the game, I in fact, stayed long enough to host a shard wide event with my guild that saw the retirement of my main char that I had been with since 1999. It was a grand way to put him to rest in March of 2005, 6 years and a ton of fun. After that, I created other personas on Baja and joined an RP guild that traveled to Great Lakes, Origin, Lake Austin, and now reaching Lake Superior. I took a long needed sabbatical from UO in October 2005 and came back(of course!) in December of 2005. I miss you guys and it really, really felt GREAT to see PGoH still active in UO. Way to go guys.....I'll be keeping an eye on the guild and might even jump on an old Catskills char to join your next event!! Strength and Honor, The ghost of Lukkan Mortain
  3. Just thought Id pop backthrough and say hi. Been hearing of alot of changes so I thought Id stop in. Still scheduled for Iraq in January. I think I saw BB when the paragons came out and during my first venture I got a call saying my wife had been injured over there. Update is she has in a convoy that got raided. She sustained minimal damage( like im talking about a vehicle, hehe) some shrapnel and flash fire burns. She was sent to Germany along with the few others that made it. I beieve the casualty rate was 6, if im not mistaken. She is doing fine and will be returning home in a few weeks. I had set up camp on the Baja shard about 4 months ago, been making characters there and such. But for some odd reason I have a desire to start playing SWGm which I just bought today, so Im gonna teleport over to that forum and introduce myself. Hope all is well with everyone!! Strangth and Honor!!!
  4. My old mentor!!!!! Have a great time I hear many change of come about with this grand old guild. Should be quite invigorating!
  5. Just popped in to say hi and see how the Empire was going? I signed my paperwork with DoD yesterday and Im scheduled to deploy January 6th. So now I can't complain about the goverment anymore All I can say now is: I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States. How has the guild been? Growing much? I bet the expansion will bring some new ppl into UO. I'm kinda excited about it, I heard something about a rideable dragon? Bet those tamers love that!!
  6. Thank you all for your kindeness, this group of people have an honor that knows no bounds. I'll keep in touch often and let you know if I have a way out, as Devin stated my kids are getting older my the day and they are gonna start wondering why Mommie and Daddy have to leave again. But as this is a nice long weekend, keep the reason for this weekend in your minds and think of the one's who made the ultimate sacrifice for this particluar weekend. Happy 4th of July Brothers and Sisters. Strength and Honor!!!
  7. I just got word that my wife will be returning to Iraq in January of 2005 for a yr. This time she will be in the heart of the Sunni Triangle. Not 5minutes later I got a call from the DoD stating that my inactive time has not been served yet ( go figure) and IM needed again also. This time I might pull the old "I have no one to take care of my kids" card, but I don't much like her being over ther if Im not, especially in the SUnni Triangle. Which means my UO time as of January will come to a screeching halt, whether I go over or not, She just got back this past February from Irag and I spent the entire 6 months she was gone scouring websites, watching Foxnews, and calling every single "insider" i Could recall from my Army days making sure she was alright. All while dodging bullets myself. My parents got real upset that we oth were over there,because god- forbid neither of us made it back. Knowing me, I'll end up going back. I just wanted to post here and ask if it would be ok if I posted during the time I was away. Last time I was in PGoH so I just posted, and it kinda made me feel better, sorta like writing home. I know Im not a part of PGoH anymore but it would be great if you guys could allow me this. Keep us in your prayers and keep the soldiers in your prayers. A little tidbit from the inside.....plans and budgets for supplies and manpower to Iraq have been set and confirmed until 2010, so we WILL be there for awhile, regardless of what you hear in the papers. Here's a very interesting piece I found while studying the Quran (Muslim Bible). I guess Osama musta skipped this part. Quran (9:11) - For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a > > fearsome Eagle. The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the > > lands of Allah and lo, while some of the people trembled in despair > > still more rejoiced; for the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of > > Allah; and there was peace. (Note the verse number!)
  8. Since hanging up Lukkan's robe and regeants, I have a cousin who has been gaining great skills. Son Goku of the Felluccan Thieves Guild (F*T) throws his hat into the mix!
  9. Yeah Ive been reading posts from Hanse and some other stating that mages are overpowered in PvP. I beg to differ (aside from too fast casting). I have a 120 mage with wrestle and a dexxer loaded with HCI and 120 skills is still in my opinion way better. I suppose the arguement is wrestle mages can disarm yet I refuse to use this in a duel, its pointless.
  10. All of you have entered a time tested and incredibly honorable group of people. I wish you all the best, if theres a group to learn how to truly play this game, its from these guys. Cept maybe Maven, I dont know about that guy!! *snickers* Good Luck to you all!!
  11. Trading tapestry of Sosaria for ornament of the magi, arcane shield, helm of insight, a keep in fellucca, 120 eval/mage/med scroll, and a partridge in a pear tree!!! Any takers?!?!?!?
  12. Ive been working on a site thats been doing regular updates of the 7AE. some comfusion happened there so I thought Id pass on what I know, This is also on stratics too. --Everyone who holds a UO account.upon the 7th anniversary will receive a code for one rare random item, this is regardless if you purchase the 7AE box or not. --If you do purchase the 7AE box, you will get the 6th char slot PLUS another code for an additional rare item PLUS the buddy codes. --The expansion WILL NOT have the option for a 6th char slot, only the 7AE box will. --As Devin said, this was a marketing event to get UO back on the shelfs and hopefully draw in interest for the expansion to come. UO.com is releasing the rare items, 2 a week i believe, you can check there for the lowdown, but in short: Leggings of Embers: unusally high fire resistance, no cold resistance Purple Roses: Every four hours,produce petals that add 5 to STR for 5 minutes,stores 10 Shamino's Best Crossbow: large damage bonus and nice accuracy increase. There is still confusion on this one because the graphic for this item is a repeating crossbow, yet its called a heavy crossbow. Tapestry of Sosaria: Large painting based on the old Hildebrandt paintings. Can be double-clicked to open in a larger window showing detail. Hearth of the Home Fire: long awaited fireplace with fire burning in it, strictly houe deco. Hope this helps!!
  13. No man!! stay away!!! Your blade stings harsh and hits too fast!!! IM skeerd!!!!!
  14. What is the max STR one can achieve without any magical enhancements? --If Im not mistaken, as of AOS the LOWEST any one stat can be is 10, if you have max stat cap (255) then it is possible to have for example: 10str 10dex 135int, this is not recommended but just an example. What should my AR and resistances be if completely naked? --Assuming you do not have the magic resistance skill, it should be 0. Gm magicresistance it would be 40, legendary magicresistance it would be 44. Why might my AR be at -40 when I've stripped down to nothing (no clothing, armor or jewelry)? --There are three spells that affect your armor resists: reactive armor, protection, and magic reflection. My guess is since youve tried the other 2, its prolly cuz you have magic relfection on, Ill explain more in next question. If all else fails, how can I nullify all magical enhancements and be sure that my "baseline" stats are correct? --Those three spells are called toggle spells, meaning you cast it, it turns it on, you cast it again, it turns it off, or vice versa. I would suggest stripping nekkid, and casting/recasting those three spells, that should fix it surely Side note: This may be redundant but since you havent played since 1996. AR has been split up into categories: physical,fire,cold,poison,energy. Max AR is 70, but i think thats alwasy been that way. If you have 50plus in every resist, and you PvM,thats not bad at all, I wouldnt go any lower than that. Getting an all 70s resist suit is very difficult not to say expensive, Ive been playing off and on for 4 yrs and the best suit I have now is 70 62 67 67 67. What I did prior was have a suit for every elemental resist depending on what monster I was fighting, thats the armor I used. And mods are important now too, they can add to your mana/stamina/hitpoints, help them regenerate faster, as well as others. Hope this helps!!
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