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  1. I would like to clear the air on a few topics of late regarding my reinstatement within the guild. 1) Maube and I 2) Maturity Level 3) Past 1 - Some things were shared between Maube and I and I feel it necessary to point out that I accept your views on me and how immature the whole ordeal was and frankly, by any reason known to man, they should have never passed lips publicly or otherwise. It's been over a year now, and I would like to have the chance to show that given then time we've been separated, I have grown and gained patience and understanding of others in and outside of the game.
  2. Der be no feelin' bad der. Mez wuz spokens to frum duh spammur too and mez hab been lurkinz and waitin fur me time to spring out like dat oriah! (dont feel bad, since that spam bot joined with 5 accounts i've been trolling the forum waiting to make my own move! ) (perhaps the spam wasnt a bad thing after all, some of us were awoken from our slumbers!)
  3. never played battletech, i actually stole the name from someone i admired who quit playing MMO's cause they took over his life... It's an honor to a amazing player.

  4. you still around brother? Always wondered is NAIS a battletech thing?

  5. Ug der vol! Der be any ruum fer muhself? mez sor fer not postin suuner, but mez ben clompin da wurkforce en ben un vakashun. Keep mez postud! Nais
  6. Nais

    Drakefist Hammer

    made the hammer on 04/18/07, just wanted to close this topic
  7. Nais

    Drakefist Hammer

    just need 12 primal fire and 5 primal earth now! thanks for all the help! I'm so close!
  8. Nais

    Drakefist Hammer

    much appreciated Wendie!
  9. ((OOC POST)) Finally hit 350 blacksmithing, and aquired 375 mining as of 4am the following morning (I should probrably sleep huh?) Unfortunatly, in my own hasty grind, I have not aquired all the necessary materials required for the hammer! For shame! I know! But this is not a big deal... I'm offering gold, as well as my time, to those guildies whom wish to help out with the missing materials! So far I have: 2/20 Primal Fire 6/20 Primal Earth 7/12 Eternium Bar 5/8 Khorium Bar The primal fires will be the hardest for me because of their low drop rate. Help a fellow crusher out to ach
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