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    Vampi - GM Mage/Misc Trina - Legendary Bard/Mage Mordad - Elder Paladin Godsmack - Legendary Crafter
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  1. im back. if you havent seen me yet. well charlie has. we hunted and hung out but im back.
  2. awesome! love to see more knights! congrats to you all and good luck on your quests.
  3. well just what the topic says. my internet has been gone. hopefully it should be back up within a week or two. maybe do a quest about me gone? HAHA just a thought. but i will be back soon enough. just wanted to say hi to everyone. hope everything is going good. for honor and empire! - Gabriel
  4. Gabriel

    Runic Hammers

    i just make armor for newer players with the lesser runic hammers. they always appreciate it and it saves me space.
  5. go biz! =) congrulations i better come on and congrat you in game!
  6. i have ventrilo i checked it out but noone was on! anywho gotta go see my mom! =) happy mothers day moms
  7. well yes i have been really busy with work and such i will try to attend the meeting today.. did we ever end up setting up a tavern night? if so which night and time is it at?
  8. wow borg finally came on! haha now that is a sight to see thats the first time hes been here since i joined the guild
  9. haha that is funny wish gms fell out of the sky when i wandered around
  10. yes well im sure you noticed I was gone for about a month. I just got my internet set up last night. So hopefully I will be active again!
  11. any day of the week is bad for me! =(
  12. hope everything works out so you can come back with us! =)
  13. i already found him one thanks tho
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