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  1. hmmm, and the Omnipotent Balandar?
  2. Quote from Cedric, posted on I program or play Starcraft.
  3. Balandar


    I'll buy it tomorrow sometime. Just found my Christmas money from last Christmas.
  4. For me, I would have to say Fall and Winter. I do not like the summer. If we could do away with the insects.. I might like it then. I was painting the house today and was stung by a wasp on the side of my nose. I am going to buy some bug spray and kill them all. Also, FOOTBALL!!
  5. Quote from Cedric, posted on For me personally. No. I played a GM on a player run shard awhile back for about 6 months. A LOT of work.. and since the shard is player run.. one day they may just shut it down. A lot of wasted time. So I stay away from anything that is not run by the company that made the game.
  6. You know that was July 11th and not August 1st.... right?
  7. Quote from Aluim Aster, posted on It was an attempt to escape the warith of the female board readers. Apparently they except their place in the world as house wifes. :roll:
  8. Balandar


    I'll have to look into buying it. I stopped playing DII after the first week.. Not much fun after you beat it and all you do is the same thing over and over.
  9. Balandar


  10. Balandar


    Is it any good?
  11. This forum is not for the IN GAME tavern Only for RP matters out of game.
  12. We will be enabling the distributed backup system on all remaining shards with the exception of Balhae and Arirang, on Thursday, July 26th CDT. We estimate that this change will bring shard backup times down to approximately 15 minutes per shard. As a result, the amount of time required for shard maintenance, restarts, and ‘time warps’ may be narrowed to approximately 15 minutes in most cases. Please note: As this backup system decreases the amount of time required for a shard backup, it will also decrease the amount of ‘warp time’ available prior to a maintenance period. We urge that players keep this in mind when playing before a scheduled maintenance period. We will announce a release schedule for Balhae and Arirang in advance of their activation.
  13. Quote from Lorraina, posted on Oops, did I let that slip?
  14. Housing decay has now been reinstated on all shards, to become active following their next downtime. The schedule for these maintenance periods is as follows: East Coast shards, with the exception of Chesapeake, experienced an unscheduled downtime at 5:00 pm CDT, July 24th, and the housing decay became active at this time.
  15. Quote from Lorraina, posted on Tis hard to live and breathe UO when I am working on the SB site.
  16. It was posted on the fyi on update.uo.com early today. Around 10am CDT.
  17. As a reminder, we will be monitoring all public shards once they have received Publish 12 to see that the publish is running optimally before we will activate veteran rewards. Please note that this means players will not be able to choose rewards immediately once the publish is received. The rewards system will be activated systematically on pre-determined shards, and we will post a schedule once it is determined. We are working to see that this delay will be as short as possible, and we appreciate your patience.
  18. Balandar

    PGoH Forums

    There is a bug where new topics will not show up in the left column. (The blue round star graphic). Instead click on the view new posts link on the main index page. If you wish them no longer to be marked as new, you can click on the link at the bottom of the page that says 'Mark all posts as read'.
  19. It has been pushed back to 6pm CDT.
  20. Due to a departmental meeting, in-game support will be limited from 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm CDT Monday, July 23rd. International Game Master support will not be affected. In order to provide better support coverage, the unscheduled downtime set for 2:00 pm CDT on the East Coast and Central Shards (with the exception of Chesapeake) has been delayed, and will now occur at 6:00 pm CDT. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  21. Quote from Koopsta, posted on Plenty. Doesn't take nearly that many. Balandar's Skills
  22. Tomorrow afternoon (July 24th) at 11:00 pm CDT, we will be reactivating house decay on all shards. Houses currently marked as condemned will be uncondemned before the decay is turned back on, and will not collapse when the system is reactivated. Please note that once the decay rate is turned back on, all players will need to refresh their homes as they normally would. For information on housing decay rates, see http://guide.uo.com/house_6.html.
  23. Does this include rewards?
  24. Balandar


    Anyone play Starcraft Broadwar?
  25. This one had me worried. I logged in to find all my houses were condemned. I have 5 on one account since before the housing patch limit went in.
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