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having a problem with the net

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This started happening to me yesterday..

I use Internet Explorer and what is happening is this.. say I'm browesing the forums here.. if I click on a link in somone post, Internet explorer closes and I'm back at my desk top.

The only thing I did yesterday was DL Kazaa Lite, and I really can't remember if the problem started before or after... Today I have removed Kazaa and any programs with it. Then I did some comp maint..(scan disc, error check, defrag) still having the problem.. also went into internet settings and reset default.. that didn't fix it either :(

Any suggestions?

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I know everyone i know has always had a problem with kazaa lite messing up their computers so that could be it, my brother's comp still doesnt run right.

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Try a spyware sweeper and see if it picks up on any nasties lite may have left.

I have used this in the past and like it. Spy Sweeper

Also... STOP USING IE, it's the crap... use Firefox. Only problem with Firefox is SWG offical forums don't work with it, but use firefox as your main browser you won't regret it.

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Like you have already been told get Firefox asap. If you don't want Firefox then get Netscape but whatever you do junk IE.

Now since you can't click links copy and paste the following link. It will tell you all about Firefox: http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/

Now to download Firefox (again since you cant click links) copy and paste this link:


After you have installed Firefox and use it to come back to the forums click the two following links. The first is for spyware removal, the second for keeping spyware from making it onto your system in the first place.

Ad-Aware SE Personal

Spybot Search and Destroy

If you really wanna go even one step further and clean your registry a bit you can download and run Registry Mechanic. While this version is free if you actually pay the $29 to upgrade to the full version you will be amazed at how much junk it cleans up for you as well as compacting the registry resulting in faster boot times among other things.

Hope all this helps ya.

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YAY!!! :) I got Firefox and don't have this problem there!! Thanks guys!!

I also got Ad-Aware SE Personal & Spybot Search and Destroy hehe but I'm afraid to use em LOL :) I'm paranoid I'll get rid of something vital :(

Go ahead.. make fun of me all ya want...... :devil:

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