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Looking Back and Moving On (Part 2 of Seaphere's story)


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A blonde blood knight sat cross-legged on her bed holding book of parchment bound in leather and a quill that was formed from her dearest friend's owl, Errol. On the front cover of the book was a golden script stating "To my dearest friend, Love Kieranna". Saephere sat quietly staring at the blank page of parchment momentarily as she traced her jaw with the owl feathered quill. She dipped the quill in the inkwell next to her on the bed, being careful as to not spill it.

"Dear Journal,

It has been many years since Serixie came back to me and it almost seems about that long since I have written. So much has happened. So much has changed. Apparently, Serixie had been killed in combat and raised again by the Lich King. She didn't even seem human with her grey skin, black hair, and metallic voice. Regardless of her condition, I was overjoyed when I saw her standing at the door. I took her into my arms and never wanted to let go. I had missed her terribly and there she was standing in the same room hugging me. I guess miracles really do happen. Although..she was different. I guess being raised from the dead and used as an accessory to the Lich King's evil plan can do that to a soul. Even one as strong as my elder sister.

Not too long after Serixie returned to me, the unthinkable happened. Deathwing The Destroyer broke free from his restraints and began terrorizing the world. He scorched lands killing plants, animals, and many allies. Kieranna came across his path in Uldum! She narrowly escaped with her life. She came home a bit scorched that day. Her face, hair, and armor all blacked from Deathwing's fiery breath. Many new areas, such as Uldum, were revealed the day Deathwing escaped and turned our world upside down. At this time, I shifted my focus from protecting my allies with my sword and shield to healing them in combat. I am honestly not sure why I made such a decision, but it felt like the right thing to do. The training to wield the light in a healing way, that was much stronger than what I had already known, was strenuous. Retraining myself on how to keep my allies alive when facing even the deadliest foes took such a toll on my body and mind. In the end, it was well worth it. Eventually, enough masses united against Deathwing to bring him down. It was in a death match that I will never have the words to explain. Praise the light that we succeeded! Deathwing Destroyer of Words had fallen thanks to our united efforts.

Our lives began to settle down once again to the daily missions requested of us all. Kieranna and I stayed in her living quarters in Orgrimmar most of the time. The convenience the mage portals provided in Orgrimmar made the daily missions much easier to get to. It saved time and gold to just stay in Orgrimmar for the time being. Serixie has her own little place in Shattrath. She prefers to stay there, dropping by on occasion to spend time catching up with me.

Recently, rumors began floating around regarding a strange island hidden within the mist. Gorrosh...."

Seaphere paused, staring at the name. She rolled her eyes and scoffed.* "What a pompous, arrogant, oaf!" she sighed to herself.

"....sent summons to all able bodied Horde, who meet the 85th season requirement, to go forth immediately and set up a foothold for us there meanwhile killing all Alliance that happened to cross our path. Whether they were in the way or not. I took the newly constructed airship outside of Orgrimmar to this new land. Honestly, I have not been there for very long before I needed to come home, rest, and gather supplies for a longer stay on the strange continent. From what I can see, it is a strange and beautiful place. I am thrilled to learn more about this island and any mysteries it contains. I will be polishing up my best armor to venture there tomorrow. Hopefully Kieranna and Serixie will join me soon! This must be the first time, since I have met Kier, that I will be the first to venture into unknown territory. I am so excited about going tomorrow. I am sure sleep will not come easily for me tonight. Perhaps I should count Kier's pets jumping over a fence."

*Seaphere giggled*

"Then again, that would take far too long! So long for now, Journal. I am off to try and sleep...right..like that will happen...and ponder what the rest of this new world is like! Love, Saephere"

She closed the leather bound book and slid it under her bed. She blew out the candle, extinguishing the little bit of light left in her room. The room was engulfed in darkness. Saephere lay in bed a long while before sleep finally dragged her into unconsciousness.

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