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Magical Unicorn Level

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Quibbus gathered the items/mats to spawn the Magical unicorn level (normal) in diablo 3, and invited me to tag along

Pretty rainbows!


Here we are in unicorn land, rending the inhabitants apart:



ooh, presents for us!


Magical unicorn land shall trouble us no more!


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And here is the spoiler.....how to get there....you need to create the staff of herding. (answer to Writs Bell)


A quick guide showing where to find everything you need to create the item to get to the secret level in Diablo 3. The items won't always be there where the areas, items, and mobs are all random every time you start a new game. Run the areas like in the video then and simply exit and start a new game if they are not there. Some items can be harder than others to get so don't give up!

- Wirt's Bell (Sold by Squirt the Peddler - Caldeum Bazaar) 100,000 gold

- Black Mushroom (Found in the Cathedral Level 1) REIGN OF THE BLACK KING- Leoric's Shinbone (Found from logs in the fireplace) IMPRISONED ANGEL (Leoric Manor)

- Liquid Rainbow (Chest in Mysterious Cave) BLOOD N SAND (South West Merchant rare spawn will let you in)

- Gibbering Gemstone (Dropped from rare purple mob named Chiltara) FIELD of SLAUGHTER Frost Cavern level 2 purple rare spawn at end not yellow spawn

- Plan: Staff of Herding (Dropped from Izual) BENEATH THE SPIRE Great Spire area

After you create the staff head up the Old Tristram Road until you see a glowing red area off the right side of the road.

I purposely didn't include footage from the secret level to avoid unnecessary spoilers.

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