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Datacron Locations - Videos/Maps/Tip & Tricks


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Hey guys,

I just found out this website, and so far it is the most detailed one I have found. If you aren't sure with the written directions, go ahead and look at the video. No music added or random comments from a twelve years old. Have fun, and good datacron hunting! (All the planets are listed under the "DATACRONS" tab)

For those who ignore what datacrons are: They are little cubes scattered around planets (approx. 4-5 on each planets) which will give you a small, but permanent bonus to your stats. They go by colors, for example the red one will give +2 strength. They will often be placed in hard to reach locations, or in Heroic Areas (so they are a pain to get). Some of them also contain shard pieces, which when brought togheter at the matrix of something on koribaan, will create artifacts. (Notice the artifacts slots on your character sheet). Artifacts can be created, or bought from the light/dark side vendors on the Imperial/Republic Fleet. Artifacts give you a bonus in stats, and I believe an ability, too.


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I'm mixed about datacrons, in a way it is nice that they are hard to get, but in another way, some are almost impossible.

I guess we'll need to group up to find them all :p

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Some of the jumping ones can be incredibly frustrating, I tried that one in Mos Ila, Tattoine for 45 minuted before making that last jump. Some of them I was only able to get thanks to stealth as they were in higher level heroic zones (nar shaddaa on first visit comes to mind). If anyone needs any help finding or getting to them I'd be happy to help out, some of them actually require 2 players to get.

I've found these incredibly useful:

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i also heard one of them is hard to get if you're not a body type 1 player (really skinny) it involves trying to get through a small crack. apparently if you're not skinny you need to have some kind of explosion knock you into it.

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