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Isle of Conquest


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So.....Isle of Conquest.

I do enjoy this battleground and there are many approaches it seems to achieving victory.



Docks+Hanger (least done I see)

I have seen Hanger alone win for the Alliance many atime though....just reminds me of the AV RUSH method....and until or if at all we get ANTI-AIRCRAFT guns to shoot down parachuters.....I think Hanger alone may be the way this battleground moves in time most often.

I like Hanger and Docks....leaving the Siege for the Alliance and then having a solid team to reign down from towers guns a good path of destruction that the Alliance need to fight thru.

That allows the most achievements to be gained across the event as well.

What is your preference?

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I like the Siege + Docks. But, IF, you get into a run where they are coordinated enough, the Hanger + Siege works wonders. Really only Hanger if you Zerg and are fast enough. Some of the battles I've been in, which is not too many, the group isn't organized enough to get outside the defensive walls.

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