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Suggestions Post for 2009 Clan Gathering

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In this thread I would like any suggestions for a 2009 gathering location and/or agenda for our members to participate in.

The timeframe window for the gathering would be MARCH 2009 thru JUNE 2009 and allow members to plan/save for the event expenses etc.

My thoughts of ideas are....

An expo (software gaming or blizzcon type...where our members could get a chance to interact with devs and members)

Walt Disney in FLORIDA (members and family fun for those with lil' crushers)

Las Vegas (what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas)

Blizzard HQ Invasion (this could be though part of an expo in HQ area)

If we can decide early and get the dates...we could work with an agent to get group rates for all our traveling expenses to reduce them.

JULY 1st I will create a poll for the top 4 to then be voted upon by members...hopefully we can then work to getting the event off the ground and into reality.


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Non-west coast ideas...

Other good options are always places with big amusement parks nearby...

Tons of stuff in Williamsburg Va (Busch Gardens & Colonial Williamsburg just to name a few),

Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH

Hershey Park in Hershey, PA

Places that generally have great things to do for 'tourists'...

Gatlinburg, TN

Washington DC

HOTlanta, GA

The Carolinas

Could see when different places have their Renaissance Fair's...

A good link for that is here: http://www.renfaire.com/Sites/

The Pennsylvania one is probably one of the largest and best ones in the country but might not fall in that time frame.

There is also the cool old option of renting a big house on a shore or in the mountains and have a fun weekend of games, bonfires, good food & conversation.

Places I know and like:


The Poconos

North Carolina

I know this is none of the options you listed but more ideas to throw in the fire. It seems that most (I could be TOTALLY wrong there) Crushers are East Coast or Mid-Westerners so I wanted to give some options for those who may not be able to swing that sort of trip due to distance and finances!

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Vegas is my vote so far.

Yeah, but nobody asked you.... :tease:

I'd be up for pretty much anywhere. Being from Toronto (That's in Canada for those that aren't familiar with geography outside their county :thumbsup: ...I kid because I love) Travel anywhere in the States is a road trip.

You could throw Niagara Falls into the mix there too as it has Casino's, siteseeing, golf, funhouses, strip joints (errr.. um...I mean The Ballet), wax museums, wine country. etc...

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So . . .

First off, I'd love to attend just about anywhere we end up. That being said, if we end up in Cali, my GF was the event coordinator for a state-wide non-profit organization for seven years so she has several connections that we could use to get group rates throughout the state. I would love to end up down south in the Anaheim area. She knows the rep at Disneyland so maybe we could even include a Disney-day. In addition, she has a family conection to the blizzard IT group if we want to do that as well. PM me or contact me in game if you want some more info. All in all, I'm looking forward to this.


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