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It looks very graphic intensive, especially the water and ship models/combat.

There doesn't appear to be a demo, so I'd have to pay the $50 for it. The game play trailers and info I've seen so far make it look awesome though.

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I'll have to poke around their site and see if it's still there.

I did download the Eve Online free trial last night - that is a cool game - very little linearity and it has a very cool economy that is mostly player controlled...plus the world (well, universe) is not static.

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Or if any has an extra buddy key, (they went live yesterday), I'd love to check Potbs out. Missed the open beta saddly to busy playing wow, silly me. Taking a break from wow, kind of enjoying all the free time i have now :D

Just played LOTRO for a week, really liked it. If I can convince Volonazra, Gordy, or Naraja to go play it with me be fun to explore for a month or two, do see it getting boring once you've finished the story line though.

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