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  1. morilen

    Video card upgrade question

    Oh didn't realize you were on pCI Express. Get the X1600XT. Its the same card but interfaces with PCI Express.
  2. morilen

    Dire Maul

    One trick for getting the key... Go into the side with the imp with one person. Send everyone else into the entrance that is further along the outer rim of the courtyard. Have the one person son the imp side talk to the imp and then have him ninja around or be summoned to everyone else. You can then clear a bit back and to the left from the further along point ad talk to the imp again to send him on his way. This will save a bunch of clearing time.
  3. morilen

    Video card upgrade question

    Baracko assuming you have an AGP interface, and your issue is the power supply, pick up the card he was originally looking at. The X1600 Pro. It actually out performs the 6600 in most cases with anti aliasing running. Also, I got mine pretty damn cheap $129.00 from Newegg.com
  4. morilen

    Dark Iron Ore Needed!

    I don't think so actually, but I can get it smelted for us, or we can get Stein to do it probably. He got the recipe the last time we were in there I think.
  5. morilen

    Crusher Raids Signups

    Ok, I need to know people's schedules and what they are capable of doing. I want to start two things, a crusher ZG raid, and a crusher MC raid. ZG will be much easier to get going than MC, and we will need to work with other guilds on this. This thread is NOT for discussions. We have about 4-5 threads on these things up,and anything that needs to be discussed can be brought up in there. This thread is simply a place to list the following things: 1. Your class & level, if not 60 when you estimate that will be the case. Also list your spec in terms of what you are the most and second most so for example Grymald is 35 frost 16 arcane, I would list this as Frost/Arcane. If I had three I would just list the two I had devoted the most to. 2. Your availability. In as definitive a way as possible. The less "I don't know" that we get the easier it will be. Raiding is about commitment. For example I can commit Weeknights and Sundays, but my Fridays and Saturdays are intermittent so those are bad days for me. 3. Your unbuffed Fire Resistance. (Likely a different set than your normal gear) 4. Lastly which of the two you want to be apart of or both. These raids will be using Zero-Sum DKP. If anyone has a problem with this I will cry, and seeing a grown man cry isn't pretty so please don't make me go through that. :-P Ok I will go first so everyone gets an idea of what I want. Grymald 60 (When I will be 60 - 60's ignore this) Mage (Frost/Arcane) (FR 82) M-F After 6pm Sunday All day (MC)(ZG) Keyed: (Ony)(MC)(BWL) Ok that is it. Just one line. Anyone interested MUST post here or have it posted for them. I will be compiling this info into a spreadhseet to help organize everyone from the multi guilds. Any updates to ths info should be made with an edit, and a PM to me. I forgot to add in that you should list your hgh end keys. I can add it to the list and we might be able to chain the MC group with ONY killings. So add that in as well. Thanks Maube. Could I also request warriors to include their +defense from items/talents, your armor number, and HP total. If other people want to share that as well it is fine, but mostly important for the Warriors. thank you Greenbull for reminding me to focus on other important things. Furthermore based on what Narsica said I am going to volunteer Maube as our Guild Tailor. While I believe both Vol and I are capable of the honored recipes we are working on getting Maube to Revered for enchanting, so that will also give her access to the Tailoring recipes. So if Mortis Victus would like to assist with that maube should be your target. Everyone will notice that I just keep editing this post. I am doing that because I would like to keep this forum to one post per person. Just an info post on your stats, and stuff. I am editing in ideas I am getting from people as they post so keep checking back to the end of this post for more.
  6. morilen

    Video card upgrade question

    I actually took my own advice and ordered the 256 version today along with a nice Razer Copperhead and the ExactMat & Exact Rest to go with it. Somehow I justified the mouse and pad with the cheaper card... Oh well I am psyched it should be here by Tuesday.
  7. morilen

    Video card upgrade question

    Not especially. It would allow you to do a couple things, but that card being 128 bit limits the usage. If you want to save a few bucks then get the 256 one, if you want an ever so slightly better card than get the 512. If you are just going to get a new one in the semi near future then hell with it save $30.00 and spend it on our kids. Bachelor's life always skews my view on those things, but I do get there eventually, hehe.
  8. morilen

    Video card upgrade question

    Get that card, but check out the 512meg version. It's only like $30.00 more. That is the card I am buying once my Tax refund comes in, so it certainly gets my vote. With AA on, it outperforms the 6600GT which for an AGP card is pretty damn respectable.
  9. morilen

    The day I said I wouldn't live to see the day

    You will be missed Rhoach. Good luck with school and everything. Hope to have you back sometime soon.
  10. morilen

    +22 Enchant

    So umm yeah, we should focus on getting Maube to Revered. Well maybe we could split the effort. Give half to the "Our Tanks Don't Like Being Burned Fund" and the other half to the "Make our Casters Smarter Fund" from what will likely be an epic number of runs into BRD. Once the Tanks are done we can the focus our donations on the latter.
  11. morilen

    +22 Enchant

    Which faction and to how much gets you the +30 Spell Power? This would be a good thing to work towards. In the mean time we should deffinately try and push Maube to Revered with TB. It would be really good to have that in CS, and for it to have been a group effort. Also, not that I think anyone is leaving, but Vol has the Crusader enchant, and I think it is best to not put all your eggs in one basket. So as we grind out TB faction or get the really tough to find enchants we should split them up amongst maybe 2 or 3 master enchanters that are not likely to leave. That way if something in game happens, or even if RL pulls them out of the game we do not lose all of our work on one UBER enchanter.
  12. morilen

    Priest, Shaman, and Druid love in 1.10

    Hey that is actually rather awesome. My two main alts are a shaman and a druid. Neither of them is specced for healing, but every little bit helps. Just to get a triple hit I was thinking of working on my priest some more as well, he is 26th now this might e an insentive to get my butt in gear.
  13. morilen

    Dark Iron Ore Needed!

    Ahh ok. You have like 43 stacks already? Go Maube! As far as gearing up at least one tank with some FR gear it would take... For Helm and Wrists 20 DI bars (5 DIO per bar I believe or 10 Stacks) With 7 Lava Cores and 5 Fiery Cores. Assuming we would have to buy the cores that is 360+ gold if those cores are 30 gp each. So for 2 tanks we need 20 stacks,and them from there we can decide to start working on someone's faction. BRD BRD BRD we need to go there a whole lot. I think above and beyond my trying to do a weekly raid we should do a weekly BRD run as well.
  14. morilen

    Dark Iron Ore Needed!

    First... Is this thread insanely wide for anyone else but me? If so can someone fix the post that is doing it. Second... Maube you need 2400 Dark Iron ore. 240 DIO will only get you 1200 rep not 12000. According to Kaer (who is working on this) the formula is 10 DIO = 50 rep. So, (240(need)/10(#per turn in)=24) (24(turn ins)*50(rep)=1200) as opposed to (2,400(need)/10(#per turn in)=240) (240(turn ins)*50(rep)=12,000) So, this should be a guild wide effort. Last... I think for starters we would be better served using the Dark Iron to make Dark Iron pieces for our tanks because FR gear is where it is at late game. Kaer is Honored with TB and an Armorsmith. If we get the components he can make DI Head, Waist, Bracers. This will start our Tanks on the right road. Along with that we need to hit BRD and work on getting the Libram for the FR bonus to head I think the DI Healm with the Libram addon is like 55FR. Once we have our tanks setup I would suggest focuising on Maube or Vol and getting them up to Revered so we can have an internal +22 int enchant. The Revered+ DI pices are not as necessary for tanks as they have many options for FR gear.
  15. morilen

    Warlord's Command

    Just a note to anyone that doesn't know. Warlord's Command's first part is really annoying. You have to 5-man LBRS and kill the three big bosses, plus grab a scroll from the floor somewhere. The scroll randomly spawns near a boss. Not necessarily one of the ones you need for the quest. So you may need to kill every boss. This is very time consuming and some spots are just plain tough (Spiders). If everyone is 60 you can skip past certain pieces because the mobs will not aggro you if you "ninja" past along walls and or jump down in specific places. I would suggest ignoring this quest until 59 at the earliest and 60 is optimal. Not that it isn't possible earlier, but you will have to fight every camp in the dungeon as you drag a 55 through.