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  1. When someone asked about this event, I realized that I completely forgot to post the pictures! This was from the Humility Hunt during Honordayz in 2009. The location was Felucca-Covetous. For those who may be interested, the United Pirates will sponsor another one shortly (probably early March), this time to the Stygian Abyss Underworld dungeon.
  2. Aneirin

    Tavern Question

    So I've been making a United Pirates event schedule (we're going mad making new events... stay tuned!) The problem is that the best night for the pirates as a whole is Saturday nights, which brings me to my question: Is Galehaven Tavern supposed to be open on Saturday nights (9 PM) as is explained in the RP Portal "weekly events" thread? Or do I have a bit more flexibility in Saturday night pirate events?
  3. Aneirin


    I'd like to echo the thanks to all of you who put on the events. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I wasn't able to attend all the events I wanted to attend (I really wanted to do the taming and story telling nights), but those events that I did attend were all wonderful. For the event that I threw (Humility Hunt), I received both positive and negative feedback from most of the participants, for which I'm most grateful! I also applaud you for dealing with the pirate interruptions gracefully and in reasonably good spirits. As with the non-interrupted events, I've heard both positive and negative feedback about the unplanned changes of plans. More feedback is always welcome, and our future plans can be adjusted accordingly. (my icq number is 54133603, user name is Aneirin/Farsight)
  4. Aneirin

    Honordayz Day 2: Archery Contest!

    Now now, it wasn't exactly a free for all. Aneirin is just a sore loser. Very well run event though. Thanks for the fun! (I'll be missing Wed and Thurs, though Pike and Elric may be at one or two of those. I'll see y'all Friday for the Humility hunt, where I hope NOT to get everyone killed for a change)
  5. Aneirin

    Honordayz Dates & Times

    I will gladly run a Humility hunt on Thursday or Friday (I suppose the 15th or 16th). But if it's Thursday, it'll be early ('round 7) and probably pretty intense (I'm thinking Hythloth, but a solid case could be made for Shame). Anyhow, that's my volunteer work!
  6. Aneirin

    GM Imbuing

    Woot! *prepares shopping list*
  7. Aneirin

    The birthday thread!

    Kei Wa March 20
  8. Aneirin

    The Battle Of The Shadowlords

    Dedigan threw an energy vortex at one of the shadowlords early in the fight. The shadowlord did 432 damage against the vortex then slaughtered the poor minstrel. She then returned to the thick of the battle (after recovering her gear) and spent her energy making sure complete strangers didn't die similarly horrible deaths. She is happy to report that nobody under her protection died. She did, on the other hand, accidentally kill somebody who wasn't under her protection with an energy vortex and an unfortunately timed wither. After that, she used demons to protect herself from the shadowlords gentle embrace. Shown below: Faulinei dies, Clive and Pike are under Dedigan's protection
  9. Aneirin

    HONORDAYZ 2009

    Scavenger hunt = Brilliant! Aneirin being the god of suicidal tendencies.... I'm so stealing that idea. (He misses Laur by the way) Nets are probably better for the shard than getting killed by a bunch of pirates. Besides, the Naval battles are coming. We have a plan and characters selected SOLELY for naval dominance. We just have to find good test enemies to work on our tactics. We aren't satisfied with things as they are, but that's a different subject entirely (and ongoing).
  10. Aneirin

    HONORDAYZ 2009

    Zeus- King of GODS....EVENT? Awarded to those who participated in EVERY event. Closing ceremonies Mars - GOD of WAR.....PvP Bracket Or a joust - it seems to be a PGoH tradition Ceres- GODDESS of the Harvest...EVENT? A feast. Poseidon- GOD of the SEA....Boat Race/Naval Battle (UP?) We (UP) are up for it. Artimes - GODDESS of Flight and the Hunt...Archery Tournament Mercury - GOD of Mischief....Casino/Gambling Pranksgiving (a pookah event) could also apply Hades- GOD of Death....EVENT? I like the naked dungeon crawl idea. Venus - GODDESS of Health...EVENT? I like the doctor idea, but I also like the idea of keeping the suicidal crafter alive (via cross healing) against impossible odds. Minverva - GODDESS of Intelligence. A quest! Full of riddles and mental challenges rather than fighting. Hera - GODDESS of beasts. Zoo donation event/drake collecting.
  11. Aneirin

    Olympian Spiced Rum Shipment to Que's!

    Thanks for the fun. We look forward do doing this again. Your good enemies, The United Pirates
  12. Aneirin

    Stygian Abyss

    Your analysis of the Abyssal Infernal spawn matches mine exactly. I would be VERY interested in actually running the spawns though (even though I've heard they're broken). There was also some very odd things in the Abyss, such as the blue cloud that followed me everywhere and damaged me if I stayed still for more than a few seconds in any one location. The trap-hall is also interesting, and gives someone with remove trap and detect hidden something profitable to do. The skree is a pet that will go the way of the reptalon in no time flat. Yes, they have sleep breath, which is pretty fun. But after that, they have very low damage output, pretty low resists and very few hit points. And all that for the low-low cost of four tame slots! But I'm going to tame one anyway. And a highland/lowland boura combination. And a pair of spiders. The no-draw tiles aren't there in the SA client. Thanks Scarst for the reports!
  13. Aneirin

    Which Day is better for you?

    Thursday is a good Peerless night.
  14. Aneirin

    Character profile: Piper

    Birthname: Kei Wa Current Title: Kei Wa (but he's a squire now) Race: Human Age: 30 Height: 5' 5" Build: Well fed. Eye color: Green Hair: Red Complexion: Pale. Identifying features: A nose that's usually pressed into a book. Ink stains on his fingers (but he claims not to be a scribe). He prefers to wear loosely fitted clothes, which kind of accentuate his hefty figure Et cetera: Kei was born in Enden and studied in the magic academy there before the place blew up in an unfortunate alchemy incident (better'n saying the home owner quit, eh?). Kei claims to have been nowhere near the building, but he also won't touch a mortar and pestle and mistrusts those who do. While overweight, he is in excellent shape and can keep up in a scrap if he has to. He knows how to use his weight to his advantage. After he left his home in Enden, he spent time as a wandering healer and a magic instructor before his travels brought him to Olympus. Alignment: Neutral good.
  15. Aneirin

    Peerless Hunting!

    Thanks for the hunt. I should say we learned a few lessons. I'll try and see about getting Travesty keys before we do the Dread Horn this weekend. A double peerless could be fun. My plan: Path for DH and Kei for Travesty. Or maybe Kei for both... he hasn't finished the DH quest yet and Path has.