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  1. due to some tightening of the purse strings, I will need to close my UO account. It was a hard choice between SWG and UO, the galaxies won in the end. If anyone is interested in my home and possessions please send me a PM on here and I will letcha know when I can log in UO to turn them over to ya. I am closing it on June 30, 2004. Thanks everyone for all the fun, help and lots more that you gave me. Feel free to send me a pigeon sometime!! *hugs* Nadjia/Saig
  2. So the engagement is off? *comforts*
  3. Yes, I have ICQ and all the pigeons added to it. Just waiting on some authorizations from our wonderful members. (I am ~*marie*~ in the name bit of my ICQ 64588894). Chris, I would love a tour when both of us can be on. (I added Anfalas to my ICQ) Mao - I would put Trillian on my machine again, yet I have had many bad experiences with it. I may look into it again sometime *hugs*. Strength and HONOUR!! Saig
  4. Saig had such a fun time on UO last night .. apologies for the crashing problems I had. My computer really didn't like that full screen display! *picky thing she is* If I forgot to thank any of you wonderful folks, forgive me. I was so overwhelmed by the beauty, strength and honour of the guild... I was speechless. I give you my thanks now. I look forward to meeting those I did not have the pleasure of seeing last night soon and seeing those I have met once again *hugs* Strength and HONOUR! Saij
  5. Thank you Devin. yes, I am having a blast learning it all on my own right now. THough it is VERY nice to know there are kind folks out there willing to help (and who already 'know' me) I didn't get a chance to play yesterday. i ma heading there soon as i read some webbies today though *hugs*
  6. I made a character tonight on UO at the Catskills shard... her name is Saij. I will play and learn more when I am more awake *hugs*
  7. Oh my! 5.99?! And I was astonished to see Asheron's Call for $8.00 at Circuit City!! Well, we are going to Wally World tonight for some shopping, I will see what they have. Thank you for the offer Devlin ... yet hubby says to me 'Patience Grasshopper!' ../smiles So if I do see a good price on Age of Shadows, I will grab it up. If not, I will wait til the 21st and get teh newest one. *hugs* I will install my ICQ again Lord Logan and give ya a jingle when I make it to the shard. Nadjia ... hmm .. gotta come up with a new name ... FUN!
  8. Okay ... you have helped convince me into playing this Ultima Online. Here's my next questions .. (new at buying games with expamsion packs) which one do I buy or should I just wait til June 21st to get the 7th Anniversary Edition? And will I have to purchase 2 copies so I can have an account on each computer? (so hubby and I can play on same server). I wanna play REAL bad Thanks much! *hugs*
  9. Yup, this is sounding more like the game for me and Jan'Dai. Although .. it might be hard to tear us away from Middle Earth when that finally arrives. So, lemme get him to read these lovely replies and perhaps be born into a new game *I'll keep ya posted* {{hugs}}
  10. thanks so much for the input, lots of awesome info in there. Now to get hubby to read it so we may purchase the game *yes, I am burnt out on SWG and its levelling ways* *hugs*
  11. After reading the Main UO webby, I am very interested in this game. There is one question I have that the answer will probably sway my decision to join it or not .. are the skills/professions advanced by leveling in a skill tree like SWG? *I hope not!* I am looking for a game that is much like the old Dungeons and Dragons games where you can just level by adventuring and such ... not having to 'grind' through 12 different types of stages in say, Tailor, to make an awesome set of pants .. ya know? Okay I thought of another question ..so there are 2 What is the monthly fee to play this wonderful game? I appreciate any input! *tips her hat to ya* *the answers are probably right in front of me, if only this coffee would wake me up faster!!*
  12. heh, i should have mine on hubby's pc for when we play SWG all day!! *hugs*
  13. North Carolina huh? Hi neighbor!! I am in Hampstead .. just ne of wilmington next to the wonderful beaches! *cringes at the mention of wrestling*
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