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  1. Yeah Ive been doing some reading on operative healing in raid situations and some of the difficulties with it. In patch 1.2 they said they will be buffing Mercenary and Operative healing so it will be interesting to see what all they change.
  2. There's a particular member of our current raids who will have much to discuss on the subject of that respec. Will have to discuss this with them then
  3. Hey Guys, Sorry I havent been around alot lately. Been spending some time doing some other stuff and playing some other games. Once I get my Operative to 50, I will be ready to join in on the raiding fun on thursdays again. I currently have my operative specced for healing but i can switch to dps if need be.
  4. I watched the Livestream yesterday of the Guild Summit and I'm really excited about the Legacy system and the upcoming changes to crew skills.
  5. My Thursdays are gonna be tied up now around 8:30 to 9:30 due to my Ninjutsu classes starting up again starting this thursday, so I wont be able to make it. I will keep you posted on my availablity in the future if anything changes.
  6. I'd be interested in participating depending on the schedule. I have my imperial agent operative that i could use, he's level 21 but I could make a new character. Was thinking of making a Bounty Hunter sometime soon.
  7. I want to go, but I wont be able to do the raid on tuesday raid because I have to be at work by 11pm.
  8. Thanks for this! Having just hit 50 today I was wondering exactly what else there was to do at cap besides run hard mode flashpoints.
  9. Gotta give it some time and levels. There seem to be quite a few classes that don't really come into their own till 30+ when they start getting better abilities and are in the higher tier of their talent tree's.
  10. I hit 24 lastnight with my Sith Assassin and have been having a blast. I'm glad I remade my Sith Juggernaut into a Sith Assassin. I've been having a lot of fun tanking in heroic quests and flashpoints. I absolutely love tanking in this game because it has the old school approach to having to use CC and tactics instead of just zerg and aoe everything to hell like in WoW. Overall I'm enjoying everything in the game. The combat, crafting questing, and storylines are all fun. Only real gripe I have is the chat system, especially during quest cutscenes. I miss a lot of stuff in chat because the chat window doesn't pop up for me if someone is saying something in chat, general,guild,etc.while I'm in a cutscene. So i have to constantly mouse over the chat system to see if anything was said. I also ope they fix the guild window bug where you cant see who all is online unless you type the guild name into the Who section you use to find people. Other than that the game is fine.
  11. Great Find! It has lots of good information.
  12. I picked synthweaving/archeology/underworld trading so I can make armor for force users. It. Was hard to choose because it was either that of biochem because they can very powerful stims and reusable medpacs.
  13. According to a post they made on Facebook we will find out what server we are on on Monday through the Guild HQ.
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