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  1. Vradish

    WoW Europe

    Yeah, otherwise the guild wouldn't be of any use for us europeans >;] Let's all hope so!! ~vrad
  2. Vradish

    WoW Europe

    Ok guys, i just got it the WoW final beta and i must say ...... i love it! The official release of WoW in europe is: 11 february. When everybody is plays in europe, can we get on the american servers to meet you guys? ~vrad
  3. Vradish


    Well, I realy hope so! Now i just have to wait untill i get my beta key Normally i get my CE at the end of january and then i can join you guys ~vrad
  4. Vradish


    Nice to here i'm not the only one Will europeans who are playing the WoW beta be able to meet you guys? Or do we have to wait untill we get the real game? ~vrad
  5. Vradish

    SoC Sparring

    I think you can fight Guild vs. Guild in the arena, not that i've already played the game but... I read it somewhere... ~vrad
  6. Vradish


    Ok guys, I think we europeans will soon have the opportunity to join our fellow guildmembers! Everyone who pre-ordered a WoW CE (collectors edition) will get his beta key at the end of this month. The beta will last till january, after the beta we will be ,almost directly, able to get the official version! Fur Da Hord!! (also, how many europeans are member of this guild?) ~vrad
  7. Honestly, i think it's a weird idea I think everyone has to write his own "character story". This is a roleplaying guild so normally each person already has created his personal char.,the story of the char.,the attitude of the char.,.... ~vrad
  8. Does the guild already have a guild house or isn't that possible yet? ~vrad
  9. Damn! I tried to Pre-Order my WoW copy but Blizzard doesn't send them overseas?? How are those copys supposed to get in europe??? >:/
  10. Well,... ######!!!(sorry....could'nt control myself ) We'll just have to wait untill we can join you guys.... ~vrad
  11. Does the guild already have enough money or people(in beta)?? ~vrad
  12. Damn, we europeans never have any luck! Then ill just have to wait till the 26th of november Someone shoot me plz..... ~vrad
  13. Is there any way to get an open beta key without having to pay for a fileplanet account?I really need one ~vrad
  14. Vradish


    Me am here tu! ~vrad
  15. I like this one : 1.Border: Squares 2.Icon: Black 3.Background: red ~vrad
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